Lewis Capaldi makes Bleak "How do you know THAT!?": Anne-Marie 2 days ago   09:30

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Lewis Capaldi takes Radio 1 listeners' random stories about terrible mornings and makes them into wonderful music.


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Haha brilliant ❤️
Yeah. Fake phone calls, of course, but those first verses were magic......up the Scots
Omar Smith
"For, for.. a... fee" 😂
Enya Evans
Sounds like a David Gray song (I mean that in the best possible way)
Maya's Corner
Because this music is easy to write
Zurisadai Meraz Martinez
I laughed so hard I shocked on my own saliva
marianne jenkins
There ain’t no bile in the Maldives 😂😂😂😂best line ever in a song 👍👍👍
Rhea Bia
I fucking love this guy 🤭
Adellé Boshoff
Lewis, you amazing!
Heather Camball
Amazing when you can put a song together on the spot on you go Lewis
Nikki the bean
Need I say more?
Justin Somers
I literally love this!!! Cant get enough of it!
CRYING with laughter. Amazing.
Tash Aelolia Music
hahaha "there's no bile in the maldives"
The run at 6:35 is too sick
Ethan Ridley
5:50 🎶"We should cum in her eye?"🎶
I just realised he looks like Chris lilley. 😂
Teresa moreno Moreno
Reuben!!!!! 😂😂😂 why??? But you're name is really Allan!! So funny 😂😂😂😂
David Carter
Funny guy but I would die of boredom enduring one of his gigs. He just belts out ballads for an hour and a half.
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"How do you know THAT!?": Anne-Marie Lewis Capaldi makes Bleak 2 days ago   05:07

"What does it say today on Anne-Marie's trousers?"

Anne-Marie thinks she's playing Superstar Vs Superfan on Radio 1 with Scott Mills. Little does she know that 'Superfan Steve' is actually Chris Stark from the show and he already knows everything about her!

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