Lewis Capaldi makes Bleak "How do you know THAT!?": Anne-Marie 3 months ago   09:30

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Lewis Capaldi takes Radio 1 listeners' random stories about terrible mornings and makes them into wonderful music.


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Shannon Evans
How am I only discovering this? He can literally sing anything and make it sound good 😂😂
Jamie Finn
Honestly the quality of this man's voice just forces the emotions out of you.
Colin Breuer
awesome! this guy and in special this guy's voice is incredible!
but a huge compliment to the pianist, too.
Amazing! Love it 😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🥰
John Robe
Lewis Capaldi isn't just one of the greatest voices of all time, he's also naturally hilarious. He deserves every ounce of his success because he's as genuine and as talented as it's possible to be.
smog 19880
Last song is classic.
NooranN Hussain
Ayyyye!! im from Maldives!!
Olivia Tilley
He could sing recipes and bad news and it would hit charts
Olivia Tilley
Maldives = speechless
P Lino
too good LC
Absolutely incredible. The mans a genius and funny as f**k👍
James Hardy
He sounds so much like Chris Martin or is it just me?
Lad is a legend!
Mr Pinkle
Brilliant and hilarious 💋
rj roo
Too funny, I loved it
Fiona Bellis
Haven’t laughed that hard in forever!
Lewis capaldi is herobrine
Thee And Me
This man could sing a turd right into a diamond!
Mats Thømt
His power and strength is unreal. He has that raw, crispy belting going on. Amazing singer. One of the best artist out there
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"How do you know THAT!?": Anne-Marie Lewis Capaldi makes Bleak 3 months ago   05:07

"What does it say today on Anne-Marie's trousers?"

Anne-Marie thinks she's playing Superstar Vs Superfan on Radio 1 with Scott Mills. Little does she know that 'Superfan Steve' is actually Chris Stark from the show and he already knows everything about her!

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