Top 10: Modified SEDANS By DC Design ! ! ! INCREDIBLE AND INGENIOUS Hidden Rooms 5 months ago   05:39

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Hey guys, In this video I've shown You the Top 10 Sedan Modifications By DC Design. Enjoy :)

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Jackson Kurien
Scrap modifications..... 🤮
Arsh Sayyad
bhot betarin car masahallah allah apko kamiyab kare
Niks Goswami
How should I brought this car
deepak kumar
Bhai view ke khater kuch bhi
DC design is the reason supreme court decided to ban car modifications in india lmao!! XD
Parth Mendha
That modify version sclass look trash 💩💩
sagar namdeo
Some of the car is not from.DC
abhilash v
How not to design your custom build
Ayan Mulla
4] Honda City

Price 1.7lakh inr
It's same look behind my house
Akhil P
Even one car is not good after modification....useless time consuming video
Aditya Rajeev
DC designs suck. The original cars were better !!
Pratham Kakwani
They have literally spoiled the beauty of every car..
Deepak Mehta
Xylo modified karana hai
Bas Kar
9th one not ikon. It is Ford fiesta 🤣🤣🤣
jaster rodrigues
I feel bad for the Mercedes owner🤣🤣
black Death
Ambassador is not modified my dc, its a concept car
black Death
DC : desi chutyo
Imna Longkumer
The rolls royce....!!!!🤣🤣 The headlights looked like they were shocked at how it looked like. Damn,,,, DC really kills in the design department. Idk why but I've never really liked any of the DC designs cars. I don't knoe if they're trying to do a futuristic design... Or trying to put in a bit of late 80's or 90's elements to their design. But whatever it is, for me it really isn't working. They should do a design that is more subtle not one which make the onlookers cringe and confused. Hope DC does better in the future.
Fernan Alvir
Original is better than modofied. Ig turn into ugly design.
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INCREDIBLE AND INGENIOUS Hidden Rooms Top 10: Modified SEDANS By DC Design ! ! ! 5 months ago   10:32


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