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The oldest structure in New York City is in Central Park. It’s 3,400 years old! Biking is the best way to get around the park. And a few little tidbits of information!

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u should be in the park today ! its 15% right now
Kirk Dephasdin
Great videos please try to bump them up to 8 eight minutes or so.
C Ellis
Where have you guys been? Glad you're back!
Squeaky boats are a good time
Marbella Lenehan
Yay! You’re uploading videos again!
Jerry H
2:51 that kid wipes out. ouch!
great video, thanks for the upload!
I think we rented the same squeaky boat when we were there!
mike hancho
I miss the drinking show maybe start a YouTube channel on drinking?
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Interesting Food • GUANGZHOU, CHINA Things you didn’t know about 2 months ago   02:55

The delicious and confusing food of Guangzhou, China.


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