MOVING INTO OXFORD UNIVERSITY College Dorm Room Shopping 7 months ago   12:15

Eve Bennett
So this vlog is a bit all over the place and emotional but I hope you enjoy

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Cameron Manchak
You should probably stop looking at yourself and just look at the camera cause you can tell
Sun Shine
How is ur studies going on?😜😜
Faith M
" Im a harder there's no doubt about it. "
Feroz Mandai
love your dog. it is natural
Feroz Mandai
new life get yourself engaged. be active dear
brooke kenn
3:56. Love the mega pack of jammie dodgers
lia Where
Omg I’m so nervous 😬 when I turn 20 ( cuz I live in Israel so army and stuff ) I’m moving alone to London for uni ( LFA ) aaahhh omg
Udipta Hazarika
I love your accent 😍😍😍
vaibhav sharma
Simple yet enough to electrify
Jelly Juice
It’s scary I’m going to uni in just over a year and I’m already nervous
Srishti yadav
your shoe collection is awesome!!!!!!!!
Lihardistin qweafy
I’ve been binging on these videos for 2 weeks straight. 3 more years till college😭
it’s my dream to go to oxford, congratulations
Prince Yami7
Nice .
Sylvie Tazzar
Could u make me a dictionary plz
Rose Thompson
Is it really that hard to get to Oxford? 🙁 Happy that you made it 💕
ps: you look like Maddie Ziggler
berry merry cakemas
im in seventh grade and i enjoy watching these vlogs aHHhhhHhhhH
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College Dorm Room Shopping MOVING INTO OXFORD UNIVERSITY 7 months ago   10:42

Hi everyone and welcome back to another video!! this week you guys come college dorm room shopping with me! From Bed Bath and Beyond to IKEA, things get pretty wild so i hope you guys enjoy the video!!
if you've read this far, comment below when you start school!
thanks so so much for watching!
-Heather :)



Top: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Lululemon

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