Adele and Angelo - LAX - Los Angeles International Adele chegando e saindo do restaurante 2 months ago   01:36

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Adele evita flashes do filho ao desembarcar em Los Angeles

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Lebo Ester
I feel bad watching this😢, but angry😲
Don Scalsher
Such a fucking reporter!!
Robson Nottar
Gente do Céu. Esses paparazzi n respeitam nem um pingo da privacidade dos outros
Wouter Denys
Man I understand her getting mad. Such rude people
Em Paz
OK I accept it.. paparazzi do your job but have some basic respect.
Sophia Granger
Anna M.
Disgusting how paparazzis acting toward celebrities!
Wellington Viana
Amo Adele top 😍
leo ole
i just love the way she handle everything like a boss
Luke & Keno
Fuck thats sad of those people doing that shit poor adele
c. lince
paparazzi should be beaten up
Joany hoi.
this is the worst I've ever seen. Can't even watch it till the end. She just ask to stop taking pictures and what are they doing? It's making me really angry
ugh! seriously?! Adele  asks you nicely to let her through with her child ,and agrees to then smile for you ,and you IGNORE her pleas?! IDIOTS!!
Akel Dias
deixem eles em paz
John Fuentes
'hate those paparazzi's😭😔
John Fuentes
adele was such a great and protective mom😊😍love you adele
Melanie Ruttle
I really don't gets it why taken photo her and son just anyone just go away stop bugg her carry her son it is kind to much. and i like Adele shout them. i never do that try looks try say wave hi.
Dom Po
Its funny how people call the paparazzis scums but then goes to the supermarket and buy a magazine with pictures that the paparazzi has taken...
BC 17
Why people post this? She made it clear that she doesn't want pictures of her sun in the internet!
mandy dandy
they don't give a shit only want the money for photos they would love to see adele lose it or fall over
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Adele chegando e saindo do restaurante Adele and Angelo - LAX - Los Angeles International 2 months ago   01:15

Vídeo mostra Adele chegando e saindo do restaurante em Londres,e ainda dando autógrafo à um fã que estava no local.