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We're with the design firm, Santopietro Interiors at a penthouse with stunning views in the Private Seasons Residences. They brought an understated grace to the home - using soft colors, low-profile sinuous furnishings and course texture. Overall the home has over 3,000 square feet of elegant living spaces with two terraces and three bedrooms.

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- Hi. I'm Joy.

- I'm Merrill.

- I'm Alessandra. We are Santo Pietro Interiors, a family design firm based in New York City.

- Today, we're showing you the most stunning penthouse in Tribeca.

- We're here at the Four Seasons on the 77th floor. Truly in the clouds.

- Let's take a closer look. Come on.

ALESSANDRA: The beautiful entry foyer opens up to the living room, which is the heart of the penthouse. I personally love all of the sinuous shapes of furniture in this space, in soft, creamy pearl-toned fabrics. And these organic shapes place so nicely with the monolithic architecture of lower Manhattan.

I always love incorporating something from my fashion background. And here, it's braided fringe that runs along the edge of the swivel chairs. To add a little drama, we punctuated this space with accents of brass and black, which if you couldn't tell, is one of my favorite colors. In fact, I like it so much, we carried it into the dining room.

The focus of the room is the beautiful dining table. We paired it with this organic shaped chandelier, which not only gives a soft glow to the room, but also adds to the beautiful flow of this apartment. All of this makes for a space you definitely want to spend time in, especially by this glowing fire.

- Welcome to the den. My favorite room. The view's amazing, but it can be a little bit gray. So what I chose was white for the interiors. I chose a geometric wallpaper. Makes the room warm and cozy, but adds that visual interest that we're always looking for.

And to add even more interest to the space, I chose burled wood. And I did it two ways-- shiny for the coffee tables and mat for the desk. And for the sofa, I chose a yummy, snowy white bouclé texture.

And to finish off this space, I believe in lots of art. White and gray tones from drawings to paintings. Mix it up.

And another cool aspect of this space is the terrace, which actually leads us to the kitchen. In this room, we wanted something different. Breezy, friendly-- a different vibe. I accomplished that with concrete table, very livable surface. And the wood finishes, particularly in the chairs, tap into that organic feeling that we have reoccurring throughout the residence.

We needed a little pop here, so we took that opportunity with our light fixture, which is this very angular, contemporary starburst in stainless, flaying off gray tones that we find in our dining table and in our appliances.

- Welcome to the master bedroom. This is such a majestic space. When working with proportions like this, you have to be sure and use furnishings on the right scale and magnitude. Here, I created a custom tailored headboard, and used the same luscious fabric for the coverlet and surround.

The same silvery tone that I used on the bed I carried through to the chairs, the drapes, and the nightstand. But I varied the textures. The nightstands have a chagrined finish. The drapes and chairs are silk. And the carpet is a supple, soft wool. All the same silvery tone.

And to add structure to the room, I added these crystal lamps flanking the bed. My goal here was to create a room that was sexy and glamorous but still soothing.

- We had so much fun designing this space.

- I hope we gave you some great inspiration today.

- Which you can take into your home.

- Thanks for stopping by.

- Bye.

- Bye.

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Azib Ahmed
Fabulous dushing
MT Yankin
There's nothing special, let alone inspirational about this. Yes, the views are great but the staged interiors - my dears, bland and cheap looking! There is so much you can do with this kind of space but what a wasted opportunity. And that tiny terrace with a couple of boxwood? All very meh.
Roman Seano
This played on a closed circuit video while in my doctor's office waiting room. It was so painful to watch these "designers" present their work, I just had to look it up. They talk & move about like Kardashians replaced by androids. Calling a bubble chandelier "organic" is laughable - and showing off a "custom headboard" you made, with a look that can be found at even the most basic furniture retailer, is embarrassing. The minimal aesthetic ("organic") they boasted about is something anyone can do, because it's already been done and done again.
cute team :)
Very well designed 👍 very good work. I can’t even complain about the white here.
Fredy Rojas
they looked rehearsed and unnatural.
Harriet in the kitchen
Nick Prasadio
Amateur. It’s almost wrong to watch an interior designer in New York that isn’t Cherly
the design too feminine..
Pick one emoji to describe the style: 😐
The crystal bedside lamps will display dust unforgivingly.
John Hatcher
it's kind of boring.
eva bragha
I love all white decor but that is too much !what about some black/leather/marble/wood ???? The work ended up annoying .I would feel dizzy in this place.All white/clear is good but this just looks horrible.Sorry 👎👎
Monique Lehnhardt
I’m so tired of the all white decorating. So predictable
Lucero Idalid Cordoba
As much as I love white decor sometime you need some pop of color or it would look lifeless like this place.
Vipul Agora
Three most stupid women you will ever see
Nice size, great locale, but that decor is too blanche.
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