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French Special Forces have rescued four foreign hostages from a militant group in Burkina Faso. Two soldiers were killed in the overnight raid in the West African country, which resulted in the rescue of two Frenchmen, a South Korean woman and an American. France has about 4 and a half thousand troops in the region. It's leading an effort aimed at fighting jihadist insurgents, which is considered a relative success so far, but at a cost: 24 French soldiers have died since 2013.

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Kowsar Khan
France needs to stop colonizing the BF
Pan Africanist
Don't come to Africa , French will be killed and others will be taken as hostages .
There is more to this story than meets the eye, apparently the US woman hostage was CIA, and somehow some of the hostage takers managed to escape and somehow the French managed to find these people in the middle of burkina Faso etc etc
Je suis vraiment désolé.
Bienheureux les soldats tombés au combat. Merci beaucoup pour leur dévouement au-delà de la nationalité. - De Ćoree

I am really sorry.
Blessed are the fallen soldiers. Thank you very much for your dedication beyond nationality. - From Korea
Vive le France 🇫🇷!
Alex Povolotski
Vive la France!
William Widynata
how can they died ? there were only 4 terrorists
FANBOY Lets' Plays
May he rest In the after life
Su Jin Kim
가지말라면 가지마
Max L
Shame on those hostages!!!! Why did they travel to such dangerous country and then those poor soldiers have to risk their lives to save them, selfish people!!! Now they're safely home while the family of those two soldiers have to live with this loss. Governments should have a police that if citizens choose to travel to high risk countries and get kidnapped, they should find their way home.
db choi
안타깝게 희생하신 두분에게 애도를 표하면 진심어린 감사를 드립니다..
It seems that all the french have ever done in Africa is made thing worse, they need there're resources, so when a leader is not cooperating, all of a sudden a Coup happens and then the french says its Africa fault.
올리고 싶은거 그냥올림 아무 이유 없음ᄒᄒ
I offer my respect and condolences to the dead French soldiers.
Why did they go to that dangerous place? Two soldiers lost their lives to save these morons.
Jennifer Wayans
🔴 May the Winds Remember All The Fallen Service Men who Have Given the ultimate sacrifice for justice
mustapha nzeba mukuna
The French people down in Africa doing nothing other than bringing terrorism to Africa
Who and where is the American?
Alexis Sayegh
What about the young students girls kidnapped by Boko Haram?
All those hostages had been WARNED NOT TO GO THERE, but they went there anyway. SHAME ON THEM! Bring all western troops back HOME to kick out the jihadists here. Let African countries deal with their own problems themselves. May God save the immortal souls of those two French Warriors, fallen in battle, and all other western troops killed in pointless foreign wars while our own western countries are overrun.
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