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Full Ceremony | The Dallas Mavericks | Tim Duncan's San Antonio Spurs Jersey - At Up-Tube.com

FULL CEREMONY | The Dallas Mavericks Tim Duncan's San Antonio Spurs Jersey 2 weeks ago   30:31

The Dallas Mavericks and NBA legends honor Dirk Nowitzki and his fantastic 21-seasons as a Dallas Maverick.

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Cash •
2 final appearances (: against the same team
Greetings from Germany 💞❤
Fikri Nugraha
totti in basketball
Bianca Cantonjos
so emotional while watching this.my whole family loves you dirk! you reminds me of my late nephew DIRK COREY and late dad,your greatest fans. my papa has so much respect to you. Its been amazing watching you all your games with so much patience and respect. Greatest NBA player!
It's a real shame that basketball isn't as popular here in Germany as it is in the USA. Dirk is a perfect role model, that every kid should look up to while growing up. He's never been selfish. He's always been humble and respectful. He's never been involved in any scandals or attracted attention due to miss behaviour. Dirk has always been a true gentleman who had his priorities right and just genuinely loved the sport, his team and the city around it. He never cared about becoming the richest or most famous. He just wanted to play and I think that's why people around the world, no matter which team they cheer for, can easily like, or at least show respect towards Dirk. He truly is one of a kind.
Humble. Loyal. Clutch. GREATNESS! Thank you Dirk
Hundo James
Whoever disliked this is an imbecile
krit wang
Dirk for life!
Julian A
I dont care what anyone says, this game is and will always be about the fans and the players. This ceremony was about Dirk and the fans of Dallas.
Nitra Gilang Gemilang
25:25 what song??
Careful coach, the greatest athlete is the history of Dallas sports. Slow down. Definitely put him in top 5. but the best?
has ffdf
makes me so proud when i remember the time he played at the baskets in würzburg
Jeffpril Buno
Roneil Palanas
90s era has been end. One of the best eras dirk,kobe,nash.
Erich Markwardt
I'm a spurs fan but I have all the respect and admiration in the world for dirk. Loved all the battles between him and the spurs. Sad to see him go.
People forget the longevity & consistency of the great DIRK NOWITZKI.
15-yr-peak: 24.8 PTS, 8.9 REB, 2.9 AST, 0.9 STL, 1 BLK & .173 Win Shares per 75 poss, +5.2 rTS%, +4 Box +/-, +11.1 NetRtg swing
10-yr peak: 25.9 PTS, 9.3 REB, 3 AST, 1 STL, 1.1 BLK & .186 Win Shares per 75 poss, +5.1 rTS%, +4.4 Box +/-, +11.2 NetRtg swing
5-yr peak: 25.8 PTS, 9.6 REB, 3.1 AST, 1.1 STL, 1.2 BLK & .204 Win Shares per 75 poss, +5.4 rTS%, +5.4 Box +/-, +12.5 NetRtg swing
Communist Doggo
I have been a diehard fan of Dallas sports from the day I was born. It’s embedded in me. As much as I love Emmitt Smith, Nolan Ryan, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Mike Young, Tony Romo, Adrian Beltre, all of them. Dirk Nowitzki is the greatest and most iconic sports figure in the history of the city of Dallas. It warms my heart knowing that Dirk isn’t just beloved and respected in Dallas, but all over the world, even by rivals. Dirk has been in the NBA since I was two years old, and it has been an absolute honor to grow up with my team being represented with such an incredible and humble human being. Enjoy your retirement big man, you’ve earned it.
Derdox 12
Loyalty will be appreciateed.
_trust_nobody_ 85
Danke Dirk und alles Gute für die Zukunft
Jo-em Marco Homeres
You know you are a legend when former president congratulate you. Enjoy you're retirement Dirk.
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Tim Duncan's San Antonio Spurs Jersey FULL CEREMONY | The Dallas Mavericks 2 weeks ago   39:55

Check out Tim Duncan's San Antonio Spurs jersey retirement, featuring Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Gregg Popovich, Dave Odom, and Tim Duncan.

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