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Gymnast In Leeds Sets Horizontal | You Won't Believe What This - At Up-Tube.com

Gymnast in Leeds sets horizontal You Won't Believe What This 6 months ago   00:34

Guardian Sport
Gymnast Ashley Watson has set a new Guinness world record performing a horizontal bar backflip. The Leeds gymnast is seen flying 5.87m (almost 20ft) through the air. Watson is a part of the Great Britain gymnastics squad and it wasn't until his sixth attempt that he managed to complete the record

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Smile Awhile
Who here is a wilsonator?
When you get your pak salto
CocoTube Johnson
This is a flying squirrel
Not a human
Алекс SNK
Это фэйк?
Yohan Smitty
Just like in Jak and Daxter
He don't look good leotarts huh...lol
John Ayers
He didn't stick the landing
reminds me of those fishing shows. ..hours of taping we never see to get the money shot.
Cloud Strife
And he did a backflip too
Truth Worker
See now this is a sport. More than people scrambling to get a ball or making human pyramids. This takes practice and skill, props to this guy.
Bunnyshooter 223
Wow! That is awesome, great work
Chloe Emma 24
I just had to quit Leeds gymnastics because of an injury i had gosh i miss that place 🙁
briete bank
So it wasnt 20 ft....just say 18 ft...tf
Damon Finch
looks cool but camera tricks tho
Juan el Parque II
The next Assassin's Creed is going to have this flip jump.... I know it!!!
Chris R.
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Larry Panozzo
And the guy in the background just says, “Yaa good.”
I wonder why they always draw Peter Parker so much slimmer in the comics than he is here?
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You Won't Believe What This Gymnast in Leeds sets horizontal 6 months ago   07:43

Be careful what you admit to when Ellen asks!

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