Richard Gere on the ending of "An Officer An Officer and a Gentleman -The End 4 months ago   03:24

Richard Gere and host Dave Karger on the ending of "An Officer and a Gentleman" (along with thoughts on "Pretty Woman" and "Chicago") at the Academy screening on June 12, 2012 at the Academy Theater at Lighthouse International in New York.

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cat 11
As a vet I see the film about 2 people's lives that are changed by the military, Gere's father was never there for him we see that early into the movie. Winger she's stuck in a dead end job and the two are now off to a better life.
Karol Ferrer
Fo k off, !!!!
Karol Ferrer
I dislike you,,¡ you let me down!!!😥😥😏😮
girls poop too
He seems like a guy that doesn't have hamsters go up his ass
“There’s no formula you can follow to make that happen”. Lol. I’m sorry you are talking about a remake of Cinderella right?! He is a brilliant actor. But fucking hell he is further up his own asshole than that gerbil ever was.
Smarmy fake humble hollywood creep.
Jennifer wellman
It worked, I believe because it's every woman's fantasy. That's why it worked. Women love that sentimental stuff.
Anki Hansen
He looks like Roger Waters
Makaio !
He went to the back seat of his car and didn't come back for 10 minutes
Marcio barbosa
Esse cara é um ótimo ator esse sim é um ator de verdade
Carolina O
Best ending EVER!! ❤️❤️❤️
Janae Clarice
If you notice Pretty Woman is very similar to a story in the Bible in Hosea where God tells Hosea to marry a prostitute and get her back even after she cheats on him. It is a picture of God’s unconditional love for us. I think the “magic” Richard Gere refers to here is God’s blessing on this movie.
Interesting how so many elements have to come together to make a scene work. The music, the tempo of the music, etc.
Tupelo Mem
It’s the best movie ever as it’s a perfect ya Richard.from uk
Susie Nunya
Hair is beautiful
Johnnie Campbell
officer & gentleman is one of my favs...if for nothing else the fight scenes.
arnold oliver
One of the best movie endings in film history
I was talking to a friend about this movie and he said, "That ending is so corny." I just said, "Well, you don't realize who's rescuing whom."
Carole Ann Davis
Oh, I loved that movie "Officer and a Gentleman"
Officer and a gentleman such a great movie. I've watched it countless times.
Why did that dude shove a lemming up his ass?
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An Officer and a Gentleman -The End Richard Gere on the ending of "An Officer 4 months ago   02:15