Buying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream Buying My Dogs Everything They 7 days ago   10:42

Rocky Kanaka
Wait until you see how happy they are when they get their ice cream! In Buying 100 homeless dogs ice cream on the hottest day I take doggy ice cream to the animal shelter so that we can show rescue puppies some love. In my last video Baking 100 Dog Cakes For Homeless Dogs! we went to Boxer Rescue LA and gave cakes to senior dogs, puppies and more. If you have ever watched my videos where I surprise animal shelters with a $10,000 challenge or spend 24 hours taking a dog on a Dog's Day Out then you know one of my favorite things to do is to help dogs.

Buy an ice cream for a dog by joining my channel here!

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If you love channels like The Dodo or Hope for paws then you will love this family friendly pg content that is good for all ages even kids. Watch videos that feature rescue dogs like pitties boxer husky and more.

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Rocky Kanaka
Should I take more ice cream to homeless dogs on 100 degree days?
Jade Licious
spot. can username
Kylie Domanque
Lucky or Lucy or Bella
Nwwj Smms
Theresa Brenneman
I think you should name her Joy because she is so joyful to stay alive
Sullivan Gonzalez
my friend thinks you should name her sarah
Sullivan Gonzalez
you should name her lucy
leah plant
you should call her penut
BoocHe Stover
Spirit~ I think would be a good name for that poor baby with broke body ~~~~
Kitty Vlogs
Roxie or Roxxanne seems like a good name for that lil cutie
xDx ReaPer
rocky balboa. because she keeps fighting
Julia Dayus
I thought u served them normal ice cream and I was about to be like DOOD NO DONT DO MORE but when I realised it was ice cream for dogs I was like ok then
Austin Presley
Austin Presley
Jaymsey Armachain
Liv life With liv
Ann Draws
At least they have been shown love 💗
Ann Draws
Danielle Abels
First name: faith /last name: kit
Kaitlyn Avalos
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Buying My Dogs Everything They Buying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream 7 days ago   21:26

Today I take my husky dogs to the pet store and buy them everything they touch. We then go home and play with our giant pet haul. Who was your favorite dog to follow in todays video?