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Saturday, April 25, 2015 - Taylor Schilling arrives at LAX after promoting The Overnight with Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott at the Tribecca Film Festival. The Motion Picture Association of America rejected the poster for the film which featuring the three actors in the buff, yet pixelated. Schilling declines to comment when asked if she'll vote for Hillary Clinton.

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Poor girl. Leave her alone. She's so nice
Séries Show
Shit the paparazzi are dumb
aly mcc
this honestly breaks my heart
Arleide Medeiros
Taylor, viva a vida e oportunidades.
Leave her alone I know all of this comes with fame however you don’t need to be in her face like that just let her go to her car in peace
Vintage Lover
Leave her alone, that's sad and she looks embarrassed... 😢
This has to be so annoying
me gusta que todo el elenco tome un poco de su tiempo para sus fans eso habla muy bien de ellos, ademas que aveces van de prisas los actores pero sin embargo muestra un poco de su tiempo y afecto asus fans por eso los amoooo!!!!
clinto DZ
الباباراتزي هادو يديرو الاعصاب خلو المرا في حالها يخي مهابل يخي
Nicola McAuley
Leave Taylor alone honestly this is awful leave the poor girl alone
wow that's scary... success at acting comes with a serious price tag. :/
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Taylor Schilling Inteview 2015: EXCLUSIVE - Taylor Schilling Back 4 months ago   12:47

Schilling opens up about what it's like behind the scenes of the hit series "Orange Is The New Black" on "Popcorn with Peter Travers."