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Reading Positive Comments While | Ldr Meeting At The Airport •• Together - At Up-Tube.com

Reading POSITIVE Comments While LDR Meeting at the Airport •• Together 2 days ago   15:05

rachel rose diary
Why would I give the "haters" more attention when I can choose happiness and the people who support me? I would love to do a monthly series like this, where we just sit down and review some good energy and positivity that came out of the month 💕 99% of you are wonderful, and some of you even exceed wonderful, and I absolutely love reading your comments and life updates and observations - let's get to know each other better 😊


For those who are new, my boyfriend Andy is Korean, and I am American. We met in 2016 while I was studying abroad in Seoul at Ewha Womans University, then embarked on a 2 year long distance relationship journey! We were reunited permanently in August 2018, and officially moved in together February 2019!

We are here to humbly share our lives with others - we hope you enjoy the journey 💕

Follow Me/Us 💕
My Insta @ rachelrose.diary
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Help Me Go Full-Time Here on YouTube 🙏🏻🙌🏻
Music: Epidemic Sound 🔥
What We Use! 📸
- Canon SL2 (200D) w/ Standard Kit Lense
- Rachel's iPhone 6s
- Andy's Galaxy Note 8
- Zhiyun Smooth Q Phone Gimbal
- Adobe Premier Pro CC
- Good Energy

Have you thanked the universe, God, or even just yourself for something you witnessed, received, or did today?
- rachel

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rachel rose diary
is like a monthly validation party an interest of yours?! I can share some happy, motivational, inspiring, or just plain funny comments from the month and we can bask in the goodness of people for a few extra minutes ☺️ let me know if you're on board!!
love your videos :)
It's HoenestlyMe
00:30 Queen of vocals, Mariah Carey who? We don't know her lol.
And OMG YAAASSS i was SHOOK that my comment was the first to pop-up haha, i'm so happy to know that it made you smile and even be happy! You are a joyful inspiration, much love!
Julia Shack
Dear Rachel. I’ve had anxiety all my life. My anxiety disorder is paralyzing and discouraging. I’m turning 25 this year. I’m going slow through life. Things that are easy for others seem impossible to me some days. I’ve decided that my anxiety will NOT own me. I’m going to fix my grammar mistakes and get my bachelor degree in teaching English for Korea. I’ve binge watched your videos in the last few weeks and finally subscribed. You were really encouraging. While Andy and you have a great relationship and I love to watch you guys together.. I’m thankful you post these videos. They deeply encourage me. God bless you.
Sally Joyce
I like to watch positive videos. Thank you! 😃
Nicoletta Kp
Why would anyone send you hate? I mean even if they disagree with you on something it's better to be polite when expressing their opinion. Please don't pay attention to negative comments, it really is worth it! You are very kind and your videos are always calming and full of positive vibes💕🌸 Also just to point out, you always have replied to my comments or at least acknowledged them in some way and that really shows that you try to read everyone's comments and care about replying to us💕
Amber Penuel
I just found you recently and subscribed. I usally don't watch videos with American girls dating Korean guys because idk if I just watched a few bad ones or what but they seem like they don't try to understand the cultural differences and just seem fake. But I happened to watch one of your videos and you guys seem so genuine and in love that and I love it. I hope you have a great 2019 and I will take your advice and bake me the cookies that I was debating on for a snack
this is such a beautiful video! thanks for being so lovely! ~
I loved this video and your positivity. Your videos are always nice and remind me to think about the ups rather than the downs in life. Hopefully you'll be able to continue YouTube full time no matter what the future holds I know you'll do great things. The smallest acts make all the difference. I was just having a bad day and this video was the perfect thing to brighten my mood.
YoshiPeach Mario
I just love (bullet bullet bullet) it makes me feel (bullet bullet bullet)!
0:48 OMG, the bakery should hire you to advertise their cakes for them. Ahahaha I love it xD
Laura D
It's so sweet of you to read all of those positive comments for all of us 💕Really heartwarming to see how much you appreciate it and try to center your life around positivity ^^ I totally agree! Whenever I get comments on my youtube videos too I'm so happy :D
Victoria Morgan
Absoutely loved this video. Would love to see more of the awesome comments. Really enjoying that you're posting more. Waiting eagerly for the next video!
Victoria Morgan
You said comment of the month. Planning to do these once a month? I would love to see that!
Also not to mention you're literally the only youtuber I REALLY want to support on patreon the sad part is I don't have enough money ;-; but hopefully sometime soon I can, even if just a little.
You're legit my favorite youtuber I get so excited when I see you've posted lmao. I'm so glad you have such a positive outlook on things, it's good not to feed into the negativity but instead into the good things and positivity, we need more of it in this world
Destiny Lahani
America really needs to get on that dried flower movement because i want one sooo bad !! Lol loved this video spreading positive vibes into the universe !❤ (also that cake looks SO FREAKING GOOD)
Meiia C
You are seriously my favorite Youtuber
Kirsten Corbett

Hell yes, I love this concept. It's so refreshing to see people respond to positivity and pass it back! I really hope you continue with this 😁💓
I would want a monthly session like this too. Thanks for making a positive video 🙂
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LDR Meeting at the Airport •• Together Reading POSITIVE Comments While 2 days ago   10:25

Andy and I met in April, 2016, and have been long-distance since June of 2016. Same as last year, Andy has made the journey across the globe to be with me and my family for the holidays and his birthday.

His flight was over 4 hours delayed leaving Incheon due to dangerous take-off conditions, and it took another 2 hours to get through customs once he landed in New York. By the time he got to me, he had been awake for over 24 hours.

We could only spend a week together before he had to leave again, but he will be back again in May for my uni graduation and birthday!

Happy (Western) New Year, everyone!!
- Rachel Rose