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Join Head Coach Coquese Washington as she provides a tour of Penn State!

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Susan Milne
Amazing if one has the money for tuition etc!!!
Alpan Tanjung
I do hope that my daughtet can pursue her post gradute in Public Health next year 2018. Now, she is almost done with her under graduate study. I love Penn State
Gamer Whiz
Great review.
Paul Robeson, communist.
"Nitally Lions"--Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm.
She must be disappointed at Spanier now.
Eduardo Villanueva
You have a beautiful University!!
Plying Duchess63
I graduated penn state and I love that place I grew up there but I did live in Nc for three years
amin jaber
The place has changed a lot since I left in 1990. Bunch of new science and class room buildings in addition to new sports facilities. Lots of upgrades to the older buildings. Penn State is one of the top ranked colleges on many lists. Check them out.
anyone else see the ghost at 2:53 ? well creepy.
I love the Creamery's ice cream!
Stanford is the most popular university in the country
kevin moore
Penn state class of 2017
Shrek The Ogre
The Pennsylvania State University is the worst university in the history of the educational system. If you want to accomplish anything it will not happen. It seriously will not happen! Penn State has actually stripped away my ability to become an engineer. They do not care. They take your money and then throw you away. I have not even completed the summer semester hear at Penn State yet and I already realized that this is the worst university ever. It is all one big scam to steal your money.
Jim Jones
When employers see pedd state on your diploma your job will never happen.All decent people hate anyone involved with pedd state and their greasy god Jo pa who God smited.
Jim Jones
Never go to this filthy place or their evil legacy of shame will forever be stamped on your diploma.
Taylor Murphy
penn state class of 2018!!!!!!!
I'm attending Penn State main campus staring this upcoming fall! So excited.
Deanna Michel
I'm moving in this fall as a freshman from FL, I'm so excited to be apart of penn state!
stormtrooper Knowles
I think it hard to get in this school cuz the couches are vary picky
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This is a place where students learn how to adapt to whatever the future might bring, develop critical thinking skills and expand their creativity. With a choice of rigorous academic programs in 131 undergraduate areas of study, 49 master's level programs and 23 areas of doctoral study, Horned Frogs have opportunities to search for meaning and examine values, yet graduate well-prepared for professional accomplishment.