New Model a frame! Getting the Rat out of my Rod 5 months ago   12:24

Shut Yer Face Garage
New Boling Bros Early Iron Model A frame!

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Dawn Roles
Vintage Soul Garage
How much for the bug
selrahc semaj
Just curious about how much you would need for the nova ?
Steve Roy
How much for the bug$$
What do you think about this sequence...Lay down Epoxy onto the metal body, then Featherfill and block to 180 then apply urethane filler primer and block to 400-600 and then seal with epoxy primer right before paint?
Dave Boyer
Are those Model A split wish bones, or 32 Ford?
How do you get paint to stick on chrome plated parts and do you need to paint over flat black primer ?
bug not sold?
Guy K
Love your attitude Matt- if it ain't done right ...fix it ! Personally think I'd have been tempted to sell the Rod and start again Looking forward to many new vids of this one taking shape .
Going to be bad ass , you have great taste
Matt Haney
Nice video Matt, Was cool to see the Boling Brothers shop a bit. That frame looks awesome. Cant wait to see you work through the plan. The too many cars is really a good problem to have in my opinion :)
Quats C
I wish I would’ve know i live 5 mins away from Lindsay matt it would be kool to meet u guys maybe next time
Lots of coolness there, even the Winnebago
SW Customs
Sounds like an exciting build
Sweet beginning of a future legendary Ford hotrod. Just let me know if you kneed any Crosley parts for it. Ha!
Just make sure you FINNISH something. Whatever that means. I think zig might be on to something. Just build another car.
Tom Noble
Hey Matt for the engine why don't you use and LS with the distributor mod. Makes it look like a small block Ford. See who many people can catch it.
Bugs Moran
How much for the Bug?
Mark Parento
How much for the wheels?
Paint GuN Express
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New Model a frame! Getting the Rat out of my Rod 5 months ago   02:52