Ben Carson’s Embarrassing Oreo Mistake Ben Carson Confuses “REO” With 1 day ago   01:08

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President Trump's head of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson confused a basic real estate term for America’s favorite cookie.
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In the latest current events news, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson sat for a congress hearing on Capitol Hill recently that included this embarrassing moment. Rep Katie Porter (congresswoman) was asking Ben Carson about REO, a simple real estate term meaning real estate owned, and Secretary Carson thought she was bringing up Oreo cookies. This Ben Carson Katie Porter video from NowThis News shows Carson, Oreo lover or not, might want to look up real estate investing for beginners. Attention Ben Carson, oreos are not REOs. This Ben Carson hearing also contained a tense moment with Rep. Ayanna Pressley.

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Sean Dorsey
of course he knows what an oreo is....he is one.
Tarek Radi
What a moron. Wipe that smirk off your face, loser!
Dat Meme
Only the best...
Michael McDonough
Ben Carson is a World Renowed brain surgeon. He has more brains than every Democrat in Congress
Sebastien Xhean
Is this America, I know that if you're not an American you don't have the right to say something against America but, America is like the father figure of the world, the one who "guides" other countries. How are they supposed to be a improving country if America have these kind of people in its administration.
Siek Albertsz
she did say oreo
diegoa adeva
He may not be a part of the swamp but he part of the stupid
Geoffrey Sakraida
After about 10 minutes of internet research I will answer her question. REO can allow for faster turn around and potentially not take a huge loss or be stuck with a borrower who has not paid mortgage. Example short sale can take 90 to 180 days to complete and requires some difficult negation. RMO around 45 days but can also take longer with more risk to the lender. When some one gets behind on their loan their are no good options just risk management. The problem is FHA loans are responsible for getting individuals loans who have sketchy finances to begin with. It’s like they were set up for failure.
TheDark Nite
This tough smart lady should be HUD Secretary. She's really knows her stuff. Carson is an intellectual midget who should be sweeping floors at HUD houses. He's dumb!
Ed S
Rep Katie Porter is awesome.
William Fessaha
“Why are so many people losing their homes to foreclosure, and staining their credit scores?”

Uh..........because they haven’t paid their bills for the past 6 months. That was probably the dumbest question I’ve ever heard.
Ben is a sad sad case. Embarrassing the USA, in front of the world.
Adam Gordon
And sadly, Carson is no more incompetent or corrupt than the rest of Trump's cabinet.
Vida Pfeffer
Ben Carson ... REO and Oreo are not the same thing..lmao🤣😂 he is not fit for the job just because your a brilliant doctor does not make you qualified ..No Trump 4 2020 I am so over his Administration
David Stephens
He’s one of trumps goons
What a bum! Brain surgeon my a$$
How tf did this man become a brain surgeon?!??????
Carson always looks and sounds like he's stoned out of his gourd.
F That
Speechless 😶, how many patients he has put to sleep, only god knows.
Tillman Slim
What a fkn embarrassment to the BLACK COMMUNITY.
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Ben Carson Confuses “REO” With Ben Carson’s Embarrassing Oreo Mistake 1 day ago   03:57

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