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._. | Episode 9: Full Breakdown And All Easter - At Up-Tube.com

._. Episode 9: FULL BREAKDOWN AND ALL EASTER 1 day ago   00:04


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Ein Lauch
Is that me?😂
Scp Adorno animates
Ok lol
saucisson otaku
It's... Okay..
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Episode 9: FULL BREAKDOWN AND ALL EASTER ._. 1 day ago   14:36

The Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer has raised even more questions than before. What do we have here? Palpatine, that's who. He seems to be all mech-like, or maybe just floating towards Rey at the end. Kylo looking like he's ready to win finally, and the rest of the resistance growing in numbers to fight Palpatine's onslaught of the Empire.
I think Anakin could be in this, I still have hope! I think we could see a flashback from him. I'm hopeful!

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