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dwangoAC, keeper of TASBot
Thanks to TheAxeMan and Gyre, this Final Fantasy TAS played by TASBot has the best commentary we've had to date. For once we had a major event run long enough to explain the mechanics of the game, how a Tool-Assisted Speedrun is made, how the TAS and RTA communities support one another and cross-pollinate, and how Final Fantasy can be bent to our will. This run was flawless and is what we hope to achieve every major event.

TheAxeMan authored this Final Fantasy "4 white mages" run initially at http://tasvideos.org/2015M.html and adapted it for console verification to remove all resets. We worked with Ownasaurus to build a new replay device compatible with micro500's visualization boards and used a script from TheMas3212 to play back this run. Much credit goes to the team that supported this effort.

RPG Limit Break is a yearly week-long marathon raising money for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The donations given during this run benefit their fantastic cause which you can find more information about at https://NAMI.org and I can't thank them enough for what they do. It was an honor to help raise money for this fantastic charity. The content of this video was posted with the permission of RPG Limit Break staff and is a high quality local encoding.

References to Desert Tesla Charity Drive are regarding our successful 16 hour livestream to RPG Limit Break while viewers used Crowd Control at https://crowdcontrol.live to manipulate the seat heaters, temperature, volume, and other features. The promo for the drive can be found at https://up-tube.com/upvideo/rx-7W0DBLsN and we are thankful to everyone who helped get us to RPG Limit Break in style. Simulated engine sounds at the beginning of this video are for your amusement.

TASBot plays NES Final Fantasy (USA) four white mages, no resets by TheAxeMan at RPG Limit Break 2019

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Video editor - AngelWind(76) for hire at angelwind76@gmail.com
Music by DJPIE1337 - https://dj-pie.bandcamp.com

All TASVideos.org content used with permission under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

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11:29 Axeman: "That's two WIZARDs beaten with two white mages."
11:33 Me: "One and a half."
11:34 Dwango: "More like one and a half."

Great minds think alike?
Hungry Hedgehog
How are you suposed to get an electrostatic discharge by touching a wooden table?!
Brian Bernstein
kids have many reasons to run from priests, but if a priest comes with 3 dead priests it's definitely time to run
I really didn't get it the first two times when you said you were the ambassador of TAS, but after the THIRD time, it finally sunk in, thank you!
jerzey deville
Chaos died from fear.
Get that dude some fucking water
William Lafond
you'd think chaos is the inspiration for monster king orochi...
Ron Wolf
57:19 Thank you so much for this tangent. It was fascinating to learn more about this! Definitely keep us updated on accessibility efforts. ❤️♿️
Purple Snake
Sports I don't care about. E-sports I don't care about. But this? While nothing I usually sit down to watch, these kinds of events/videos are far more entertaining than the previously mentioned things. This just feels more genuine, where you have a couple of guys sitting in a couch and playing some games while commentating in front of a live audience. It's like a laid-back let's play or when you sit next to a friend in real life and playing games together. Point being: The hyper energetic feel and focus on winning and losing with e-sports as well as the games e-sports usually have I just don't give a crap about. But this? This is pretty awesome :) Especially the fact that some dudes literally PROGRAMMED a computer to play through an entire game. Now THAT is impressive!
Not The Joker
Final Fantasy KKK%
Joe's Caribbean Van
im new to this, can TAS do Skyrim?
I can't wait to get the point in my life where I can donate a few thousand... Or hopefully million dollars to GDQ and similar game streams like all of it.
"Not so much a meat shield as a.... never mind"
As a zombie player?
Is it just me or did the video start getting all glitchy about 30 minute mark.
Omg I never realized how fascinating TASbots are.
Part time Apologetic Enthusiast
lol no rub from Dark Elf, bs
Part time Apologetic Enthusiast
rigged, you never always run away successfully...never
Dox Fill
This announcer is extremely annoying. He reads a donation the second anyone closes their mouth. He then reads it slowly and follows it with another three all without taking a breath. He probably talks for more than half of the run.
TASBot should come to DragonCon!!!
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Danny plays golf and takes on a submarine.