Our New House Tour! Broken Dreams | Cheerleaders Season 3 months ago   18:56

Ryland Adams
I'm so excited that you guys finally get to see our new place! I hope you enjoy today's video and thanks for joining us on this new chapter of our lives :))

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Delilah Goldstein

my dog didnt die
its not my birthday

but can i get atleast one like? i never have got one before
Delilah Goldstein
2019 anyone?
Delilah Goldstein
feeling poor for 19 minutes straight.
k koshnok
Ryland is a farmer at heart
Emily D
forget the goat, get a pig!
President of Paperclips
*Their master bedroom makes up my entire house, no joke*
Danille mammccio
Team 6
Jigna Thakkar
So happy for you two..
mimmze009 AJ animal jam
I hope they do a tour when everything is set up
WeDoChallengs ForNoReason
Does it make anyone else sad that Shane feels the need to explain himself when he gets nice things? He worked for years super hard, He deserves a nice home.
Allysen Nathalie
I just watched a really interesting mattress add for you, your welcome
Pig Sloth
Ummmm you guys didn’t blur out the license plate on daddy g
this really is a dream house! the closest i´ll get to one of these house is building one in sims haha congrats guys
Grace xoxo
like actually im really proud of you two, like y'all moving in together melts my heart uhgggg makes me feel so warm inside
Lily Hagge
just a warning your license plate was exposed but love the vid
Samantha Wood
Shane is like Frida kahlo she painted herself ugly but she was beautiful
*shane smiles* “He’s peeing!”
Childish Ambino
I’m literally so beyond happy for you guys, your home is beautiful and you guys are so cute 😭💕
Darlene Mac Donald
Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Congrats you two , you deserve it with all your hard work
I’m so happy for you guys!!!!!! 😭♥️🤗🤧 🙏🏼
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Broken Dreams | Cheerleaders Season Our New House Tour! 3 months ago   13:18

Veteran member Hayley is working through a back injury while preparing for showcase. Meanwhile, after a few unexpected and tragic mishaps, two athletes are out and two athletes are in.
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Cheerleaders features the very best of the best cheerleading squads who compete in All Star Cheerleading. These teams are fighting to the finish to win at events such as, The Champions League, NCA and World Championships. Who will reign supreme? Watch this exciting docu-series featuring The California All Stars to find out!

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