Our New House Tour! Broken Dreams | Cheerleaders Season 1 week ago   18:56

Ryland Adams
I'm so excited that you guys finally get to see our new place! I hope you enjoy today's video and thanks for joining us on this new chapter of our lives :))

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I rarely sign into youtube, but I just needed to say this. Shane, you deserve this so much! I am SO happy for you. You've worked so hard for this and you and Ryland both deserve to be happy, healthy, body mind and soul! Enjoy this wonderful, wonderful life. I can imagine you guys raising the sweetest little family here with your dogs and your goats. Thank you for taking us all on this incredible ride with you.
Blah Blah
the one thing i dont like about shane...DIET ROOT BEER...EW..IM DISGUSTED
Samantha Mims
Seeing Shane this happy literally makes me cry tears of joy! Both of them are such amazing human beings.
Sally Melchor
They should make a video with Mr.Kate
Gage Summers
Sb Marie
The thumbnail looks like a movie cover
tyler douglas
I’m definitely gonna miss the old house but i LOVE this one
Stephanie Schad
“I don’t use sinks” 😂😂
Jolea h
There bedroom is the size of my living room dining room and kitchen combined lmaoo
Tabitha B
hey ryland...at 1:09 you can read your license plate numbers...figured id let ya know :)
Maribel Yanzaguano
I love your new house!!! It's amazing!!
Caroline Nash
Do another tour once it’s all furnished!
Pia Mia
Woaaahh this is a MANSION
Jake Paul is god M8
This is the new Jeffreestar house
ryland who drew that picture of you and cheetoh and uno on the subscribe button because that is adorable and amazing
"i want the one that jake has" im glad shane and jake are the same person and best friends lmao
Jacob Bradley
Give pewdipie a shoutout
Melissa Mondragon
I was questioning what happens to the outside furniture when it rains but then I remembered it doesn't rain often in California.
natasha lee
y'all should watch the video Shane Dawson Sings thank u next by Sam Dubs you'll die laughing
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Broken Dreams | Cheerleaders Season Our New House Tour! 1 week ago   13:18

Veteran member Hayley is working through a back injury while preparing for showcase. Meanwhile, after a few unexpected and tragic mishaps, two athletes are out and two athletes are in.
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Cheerleaders features the very best of the best cheerleading squads who compete in All Star Cheerleading. These teams are fighting to the finish to win at events such as, The Champions League, NCA and World Championships. Who will reign supreme? Watch this exciting docu-series featuring The California All Stars to find out!

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