USA Student(F1) Visa Interview Experience US VISA Interview Process 4 months ago   06:47

Akhand 83
so here is my experience about the F1 visa interview at Delhi
hope it helps :)
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Bhai apka kitna cost aa gya tha usa study visa ka??
Abinoam Pariyar
wow..its a genune experience..i am inspired ..i hope mine will be granted too.
Simran Uppal
What kind of dress i can wear in interview
Jatt Makhma
I will give interview on 15 March, I am feeling nervous.
Gurprèet Singh Bhatti
In hindi
Shaiju.R Shaiju. R
Today I have interview
Veerbhadra Singh Solanki
How to apply for F1 visa training program?
abdulhaseeb muslim
You have done well...
Guangkai Ren
I was rejected last month. Wish me lucky this time.
urvashi patel
Laki boy
Vikrant Singh
Hello brother I have interview on 14th aug of this month can you pls give me some tips it will be really appreciate please call on me 919466678785 pls thanks
Devika Saodekar
Thanks for sharing 👍🏻😊
Akhtar Bhatthi
F2A visa interview guaiD plz
Harry Kang
very usefull
Sukanya Dasgupta
Heyy! can you confirm me that is GRE necessary for PhD in literature? You said that u also haven't given your GRE. Im lil bit confused on can u help me wid it?
mounish chopparapu
Do they consider the collage where we studied? Where did u complete ur academics
Billy Kipchirchir
I had mine approved today 😀
Akshata Chalke
Nice answers!!
crushed robin
brother whats your facebook id.i need your help to get clear about F1 visa
Raghav Panni
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US VISA Interview Process USA Student(F1) Visa Interview Experience 4 months ago   04:56

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