Turkey luxury homes turn Lot's Wife Pillar, Mount 2 months ago   02:25

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After years of solid growth, Turkey's economy is weakening, with the property sector being one of the victims. In the province of Bolu, villas built for rich customers from the Gulf region stay empty and don't sell.

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Othsa saa
lol, the Arabs wont buy this. They want privacy and unique designs. This is far from.
Trinity Gaming
What a waste!
Hahaha ghetto castles lol.
Scheren Schnitt
Typical turkey.
Philip Meers
Baba Booie
That’s cute I’ll definitely feel like Barbie😂🤣
So funny, if just one of those houses was in a normal neighborhood, it would probably be the prettiest house there. But since they just duplicated the same design over and over it looks ridiculous. Even if he had done different models to where you couldn’t see the same one on the same street, that would have been good. Can’t believe that numbskull thought it was a good idea to just do one design. I hope he doesn’t get his bankruptcy protection, goes broke, and has to work in that street market selling home grown vegetables.
Viking 1: Let's siege the castle
Viking 2: Er, which one?
Sandy Jakes
Empty you say? Why don't Erdogan give it to the refugees instead of putting them on boats to Europe? Then show us video of dead refugee child on the beach.

Hope Angela Merkel watches DW in between her busy schedules taking care of the refugees.
Definitely wouldn't want to get drunk and try to find my house around there.
Torin Jones
That's pretty horrific. They're all the same.
14104 x1
Maybe it'll look a bit better once they finish landscaping... hopefully
I would like to buy a mini castle but here at Mexico!
Those castles are hideous
Joanna Audrey Paul
Why? Who's idea is this? Again, why?????
BEI Company
Every man's home is it's castle. Not forgetting ladies too
Lorna Burton
At first glance, I thought this was a picture of KKK rally.
GdUpFrm DaFeetUp
Guys this is a big money wash, i recognize a money wash when I see it. Theyre laundering money. Nobody was ever gonna buy these.
Chad Sperandeo
It looks like a glitch in the fairytale matrix
Adeil Ansar
I heard about this I'm from Dubai but sorry we have better homes in dubai they are to small an we don't like to have the same we do better then others that's why we are fast growing lol
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Lot's Wife Pillar, Mount Turkey luxury homes turn 2 months ago   10:36

The Zohar valley is identified by scholars as the Edom Way mentioned in 2 Kings 3. It hosts the ruins of a fortress and an observation tower.
Mount Sodom is made of 80% salt and is home to the longest single running salt cave in the world.
Lot's Wife Pillar is a salt pillar standing on top of Mount Sodom.

In this episode, we will explore all three by land and air.

Season 2, Episode 10