Turkey luxury homes turn Lot's Wife Pillar, Mount 2 days ago   02:25

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After years of solid growth, Turkey's economy is weakening, with the property sector being one of the victims. In the province of Bolu, villas built for rich customers from the Gulf region stay empty and don't sell.

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Its the new german airbase in turkey
احمد سلطان
The Muslims don't found food and migrant to Europe and other Muslims buy houses by hundreds thousands of dollars and in the same time they don't pay even one dollar to help other Muslims like them, while want the western people to pay for muslims and help them and take them to Europe...

And the funny thing when the Muslims arrived to Europe said the western people are KUFFAR and should be dies
You should have sold them BEFORE building them
Timothy 2:2:3
Me half drunk to my wife on the mobile after buying one of these castles,"Fire a parachute flare so I`d know which one is ours".
Scott Danger
The insanity..lucky local town folk dont burn it all down.
Let's say that they actually built decent houses in Turkey, foreigners living in wealthy countries still wouldn't buy them. Why would they want to live in Turkey? Turkey is a poor developing Third World country and it is not even safe at all. They would want to go to attractive countries like Western countries,Japan or UAE etc.
Abdullah Motara
£5,000 and I'll buy 1 haha
Sulaiman Janjua
Lots of castles in just one place,,, turn off
Jason Cyr
Lmfao, why would you build 600 houses without selling atleast one of them, build a section sell some,build to suit,wow terrible planning,and use of money. Common sense any builder knows not to build houses without anyone either down payment or build a few not a whole damn community
neocon con
The cost will be paid by turkish tax payers if these projects fail
Bilinmek Istemiyor
I would bite my tonge if DW made a positive news about Turkey...It is so biased, intentional and misleading...What is happening is a bad investment and bad application..As many commenters pointed out, these guys thought people are stupid and would pour millions of dolars these jammed stupid looking gehetto..They deserve what they get....
neocon con
Everything designed to make arabs happy in erdogans new country
Free & Fearless
They can save face by giving them to the poor
Смоки В.
Living there is like the biggest cringe festival. Imagine you came across your neighbor and both are embarrassed of themself because they’re living there and have to hide their cringe when they greet each other
Stanley Odhiambo
Yup Greed
Jamaal Cabdullahi
Fucked up 100 milli At least give them to the refugees because they look like camps
Give them to rohingyas.
Chilled Sea
Fucking up the countryside. Like tourist's go there for the native forests and natural beauty. It looks like Disneylands where-house for building's. Developer should be fined.
ਜੋਬਨ / J O B A N
Ali Erkoç
Go on to make such news DW. You really work hard to knock over Erdoğan. You must be angry for Turkish Military industry is not dependent to german Companies anymore.
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Lot's Wife Pillar, Mount Turkey luxury homes turn 2 days ago   10:36

The Zohar valley is identified by scholars as the Edom Way mentioned in 2 Kings 3. It hosts the ruins of a fortress and an observation tower.
Mount Sodom is made of 80% salt and is home to the longest single running salt cave in the world.
Lot's Wife Pillar is a salt pillar standing on top of Mount Sodom.

In this episode, we will explore all three by land and air.

Season 2, Episode 10