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The Best Of Discovery's Dinosaurs - Rare | The Rarest Birds In The World - At Up-Tube.com

The BEST of Discovery's Dinosaurs - Rare THE RAREST BIRDS In The World 2 days ago   02:48

Rare Dinosaur discovered in fossilezd egg.
See this rare egg that discovered for the first time, Join us for incredible Animals videos. Enter the prehistoric world when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, and When he was flying in the sky. See How was their real form. See this rare egg that discovered for the first time. Go back in time and experience what dinosaur life was like.

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THE RAREST BIRDS In The World The BEST of Discovery's Dinosaurs - Rare 2 days ago   10:50

Meet the rarest birds in the world. These birds have a really otherworldly appearance, you won't believe that they really exist on our planet.

Here the list of these incredible birds.

-Blue-footed Booby
Just by taking a look at this species, you know it’s not an average bird. And we don’t get to see a bird with blue legs every day.

-Southern cassowary
Inhabiting high rainforests, you can find this bird in Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia. In spite of the fact that they are related to kiwis (Apteryx australis), they stand apart because of their size.

-Golden Pheasant
This creature, although it is native to the mountainous forests of western China, can also be found in different parts of the world.

-King Vulture
Living in lowland tropical forests in Central and South America, this bird can only be described as magnificent; it is indeed a king amongst birds.

-Scarlet Ibis
Measuring between 22 and 25 inches this species is usually found in South America and islands of the Caribbean, it’s even named the Trinidad and Tobago’s national bird.

-Vogelkop Superb Bird Of Paradise
This species has only been found in the western tip of New Guinea on Bird's Head Peninsula, a region whose name in German and Dutch is Vogelkop, hence this bird’s name.

-Atlantic Puffin
Although most of the birds in this list stand out because of their strange shape or unusual behavior, this puffin is known because of its cute shape, and anyone who looks at it would want to say “aww”.

-Superb lyrebird
Although at a first glance this animal astonishes anyone because of its majestic tail, this isn’t actually its main characteristic, since this creature is one of the best sound mimics throughout the animal kingdom.

-Southern ground hornbill
This large bird is able to measure up to 51 inches long and is characterized by black coloration and an intense red color on its face and neck.

-Black Heron
This notable bird is known for the blackness of its body, except for its legs. It can be found in most of the African continent, but has also been seen in European countries such as Greece and Italy.

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