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Irvine, California Community Tour | Orange, California Community Tour - At Up-Tube.com

Irvine, California Community Tour Orange, California Community Tour 1 day ago   02:33

Irvine, California Community Tour in HD presented by Seven Gables Real Estate www.sevengables.com

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Jean Jones
This video is a very misleading I’d say. The city used to be a great place. They’ve over packed it and keep over packing it with shitty apartment complexes. They also have ripped out most of the shopping centers and replaced them with fish markets. The hills are still there for the time being. They aren’t far away but it might take a 40 minute drive up Jeffery. They even plan to build a whole new neighborhood where the Rancho golf course is to add to the over packing.
Maze Ave
Been there. There’s a waiting list for rent. Rent is very expensive. Yes you can trails. But basically you are been watch. Every move you do your are watch . its very uncomfortable. Now I preferred to go on vacation in Mexico where your steps not follow by your so nice Neighbors. Or Police. Oh snitch’s .
boy girl and a dad
My daughter lives there and hates it. Not just the situation she is in but mainly it's how racist everyone there is. My daughter is Caucasian btw.
Steven Forman
Thanks a bunch for the video. 😃
Alpha Prodige
clean lake !!
Robert M
10-13 years ago Irvine use to be a great diverse community now it's been over flooded with Asians & Arabs.  They pushed out a lot of the Caucasian, African American, & Hispanic families out of this area over time.  Irvine had a very competitive youth sports organization up until 10 years ago, now it's only popular "sports" are Tennis, Golf, & Math.  The IPD act like the Gestapo harassing everyone since there is little to no crime to make a quota.  It's really sad what happened to that community and it's still going on all over Southern California.
Angus Mac
Lived there for a while. The climate is unbeatable - almost every day is pleasantly   warm and  sunny- and some fantastic beaches nearby. Not a great social scene,but it depends on what you make of it. There seems to be plenty of quality jobs in the area and  good quality housing -  but it is relatively expensive. One of the better places I have lived and would recommend .
A beautiful place no doubt, only to be ruined by a boring society of people...sad to say. A diverse number of people live here, but there is no life that makes this city "alive"
Neil Parga
Irvine is a great city BUT  growing traffic and too many Chinese dummies live here

watch out for those Chinese dummies driving Volvos
Great place to live and own a home.  Even in the latest downturn home prices just stayed flat and have bounced back.  It is expensive but public schools are great.  Many recent immigrants from Asia have moved here, so there is a degree of diversity but people tend to keep to themselves or self segregate to their ethnic group.  Overall one of the best places I have lived the only place that comes close is Los Altos, Irvine has a slight edge due to airport and proximity to beach.  Some people have the "better than you attitude", but it is expected.  Case in point my realtor told me that the price is set at a certain level to keep out the riff raffs....but you encounter these types of mindsets anywhere.   
william Boykin
Irvine is no place For African Americans !!!!!!! I cant stand Living here !!
I lived in Irvine for 10 years. Yes the HOAs can be annoying, but most HOAs are anyway. The people can be varied, unique, and liberal if you know where to look. It is a safe, quiet bedroom community.
Matt Schwartz
I like Irvine, but I've been "pulled over" twice just by sitting in my parked car at night.
Irina Carter
moving there

Eduardo Ota
dude, youre a little child commenting on how women are? youre a little kid, have done nothing profoundly interesting with your life and i assume you have absolutely no idea where your future is headed or in what direction you want to go, let alone how the economy & society function & you're on youtube saying that the girls in Irvine are 'chill' cause some little 7th grade slut decided to give you a kiss? please reconsider ever posting in your life, regardless, you're existence astonishes me.
In Irvine are there liquor stores or convenience stores like 7 Eleven?
and are there any strip clubs in Irvine?
Ryo Takagi
i used to live there
Aline Mendes
indya harrington
I Live in irvine
Keenan Ahmad
dude you have no idea they are awesome I'm only in the seventh grade, and one girl wanted "to tell me a secret" and instead she snuck a kiss. trust me, irvine chicks are chill
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Orange, California Community Tour Irvine, California Community Tour 1 day ago   11:56

Orange, California Community Tour in HD. Orange, Orange County California. Presented by Seven Gables Real Estate www.sevengables.com