1995 Save Mart Supermarkets MONSTER IN POND!! (TRAPPED INSIDE 1 year ago   41:50

A condensed cut of NASCAR's seventh trip to Sears Point.

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MONSTER IN POND!! (TRAPPED INSIDE 1995 Save Mart Supermarkets 1 year ago   10:33

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The monster in the pond has been missing since the Major Flood! This pond monster has been very hard to catch. In Stephens “MONSTER IN POND (TRAPPED IN BOX FORT)” Steven thought he caught the monster in pond, but it turns out it was just Lizzy Sharer trapped in a giant box fort. So today, Stephen Sharer and his Mom blew up a giant bubble ball and Steven climbed inside of it. This bubble ball was so big that Stephen could climb around inside of it! But little did Stephen know, he was soon trapped inside a giant bubble ball and on top of the pond water! The water was deep and there was no way of getting out of the bubble ball without the help of Momma Sharer and the rest of the Sharer Family. Stephen was trapped inside a giant bubble ball, on top of the water while there was still a monster in the pond!! Will Stephen Sharer ever make it out of the bubble ball? Comment #Monster if you saw the pond monster lurking in the pond!!

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