How did he do that?? LEGO iPad Magic LEGO® FUSION - HOW DID HE DO THAT??? Unbelievable 2 days ago   02:50

Simon Pierro
Working for LEGO! Childhood dream comes true!! :-)

Please share my iPad Magic.
iPad Zauberer Simon Pierro

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Heartlake Channel
The kids looks so happy when they can touch the brick or construction that comes out of the I pad lol! They are lucky to be in a lego shop!!!
Heartlake Channel
What? The scenes are really impressing us!
Simon: I’ll show you something nobody has ever seen before.

The 2 Million People who Watches This: *hehehe nothing personal kid*
Evelia Allende
Isn't he the guy who did the same thing with Angry Birds Seasons
So when he went down and turned the ball into Legos all he did was drop the Legos from his hand and push the ball off the table
When he made the Tenia ball legos what he did was set the ball on the table as a distraction but watch his right hand as he moves it towards his pocket and when he turns the ball to Legos you can see his hand is in the pose like he is holding somthing
I know how he did all his tricks they are well played though
Ben Cowden
Be hind the ipad
Ben Cowden
The big brick magic trick is that he holds a big brick
KC Garcia
"House from the new fusion set"
Is a pathetic, flat, puny house
Bricks and Flicks
ha ha nice
Eilay Ban
Nice video
James Henderson
how the fuuuuuu
What the actual hell
That girl ia sooooo cute😙😙😙😙😙
Wave Illustrator
*No bricks were harmed during this video*
Sanjay Verma
Google jj c
This is an appointment with Jeff Lewis other shut down YouTube channel all the other buy into your silly trips to
Magic Mason
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LEGO® FUSION - HOW DID HE DO THAT??? Unbelievable How did he do that?? LEGO iPad Magic 2 days ago   03:01

What do you get when you cross LEGO bricks, an iPad, and a magician? Cool magic! Watch internationally famous magician Simon Pierro as he puts LEGO bricks into his iPad and then pours them back out again.