Coalition Crisis: Merkel Teetering? My life in Germany | DW English 2 days ago   26:07

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Angela Merkel's government is in crisis, set off by the governing parties' poor showing at the European elections and the resignation of SPD Leader Andrea Nahles. How long can the grand coalition in Germany stay together?
Guests: Vanessa Vu (Zeit Online), Andreas Kluth (Journalist and author), Cordula Tutt (Wirtschaftswoche)

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Joe Howard
Vanessa Vu has some good analysis
Not well educated? Is that Vanessa a modern "sociologist"? What a snot.
Al Raw
Is this presenter an accountant?
good Denali
I will be back in....2020 hit like 👍 to remind me anyone English comments
eric eric
A divided Germany and EU is what trump needs .... divide ,rule and control
Will Smith
Merkel said she isn't going to run again, think she may be excited to get out of the spotlight
CRED Designmatters
As long as China and India are building new Fossil Fuel Power Plants (bringing their people out of ‘subsistence existence’) anything ‘the west’ does is ineffectual at best…
Moses Jonson
In the uk its the south and north that are divided 🤓
Moses Jonson
Moderates and the left need to wake up, the centre-right just keeps on drinking that right wing extremism drug juice ( with cocaine on top)
craig forsyth
Moses Jonson
Quadriga sounds like an oil company/business 🤨
Pavel Pavlov
Europe had enough of Merkel and her cronies ambitions.
Gigi Devoe
The three (3) M's May, Merkel & Macron ALL thought they were BETTER & POLITICAL LEADERS of the world & basically snubbed or underestimated Pres Trump. Now look who leading the world.
Time for change!
Soupie Campbell
Merkel the cow must go die somewhere
The Maverick Mind
Terrible audio ....
Martin Tippins
Good discussion- thx
Alexis Sayegh
Angela had her glory days,ups and downs are normal, time for her to go.
Rezka Ermanda
Fröhliche Eid al-Fitr!
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