Luigi's Mansion 3 Hands-On at E3 2019 Luigi's Mansion 3 Gameplay | E3 2019 2 days ago   03:33

Luigi gets a helping hand from Gooigi.

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Comments 39 Comments

YouTube Is Life
Great , I have to buy a switch just to play the best game in the world
I remember the first one I had that years ago
The Greg
the co-op looks fun
shane willett
So Luigi likes to suck and blow ghosts?
boonkers s
If u think about it the goo is not a goo it's a ghost but they made goooigi because it looks stupid a ghost doing the mini puzzles and vacuuming up shit
Why I always feel the best luigi's mansion was the first one ? since the second it seems more like an arcade game
Swee Seen
good to see you again player 2.
Patriot Joelephic
Another ghost game?!? Come on Nintendo, create something new
S a k u r a
Why does Luigi look like he is dead when controlling Gooigi
JaDen Boyer
how rich is Luigi this is his 3rd mansion
Paul Bennight
Right trigger to suck, left trigger to blow. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Verminlord Soulberry88
Looks like shit. The OG one should come onto the switch instead.
imong mama
I wish i could just tell me gf to push the left trigger and the right trigger whenever i want
Adam S.
Cute new announcer
William Gum
E3 sucks and I'm less likely to buy games now.
Platypus Maximus
Suck n blow? Woah dude.. this is a kids game
"Suck and blow"
Dale McBurns
Nice! Can't wait to play as Luigi again.
Michaelangelo Morgado, Jr
"You just suck on them." HMMM.
Tech Thusiast
Release date?
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Luigi's Mansion 3 Gameplay | E3 2019 Luigi's Mansion 3 Hands-On at E3 2019 2 days ago   09:42

10 minutes of gameplay from Luigi's Mansion at E3 2019.

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