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Kicking Faze H1Ghsky1 From | Faze H1Ghsky1 Can't Believe - At Up-Tube.com

KICKING FAZE H1GHSKY1 FROM FaZe H1ghsky1 Can't Believe 3 weeks ago   12:42

FaZe Kay
Me and my Little Brother FaZe Jarvis Gifted FaZe H1ghSky1 The Ghoul Trooper in Fortnite then Kicked Him From FaZe as a Prank! He is going to Prank me Back for Revenge I can Feel It!
Subscribe to Jarvis & Kay! https://bit.ly/2JdniAn

Use Code "FaZeKay" in the Fortnite Item Shop!
SUBSCRIBE TO FaZe Kay - http://bit.ly/Subscribe2FaZeKay

My Little Brother is LIVE NOW - https://www.twitch.tv/liljarvis
Sub to FaZe Jarvis - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnlyJaaY

-Instagram - http://instagram.com/FaZeKay
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Comments 3524 Comments

Yo Hairline
It’s no point of doing this video because mongrall is 14
Blu3 Sky
Cry highsky yea little kid crybaby
Tyler Bott
Ioan Colgiu
Can i be in Faze i'am good at fornite
Umm why is there a pole in the cinema 😖
Ammar Faisal
If he is 12 how does he have a twitch acc you have to be 13
Use code: Bruh
Is that a strip pole
Arnav Ailani
don’t cry i love you jarvis by
Arnav Ailani
what happend highsky
Hayden Klinker
Well that backfired.
That kid is literally 6, whats he doing in faze?
Aisling O'Connor
I love vids
Steve Chuquiguanga
He was smiling
High sky’s shirt is backwards
Edi Brici
Omg can mi join faze pls
Michael Pick
Yo can I play with you
Neri Sanchez
Faze swayyyyy like it if you guys like your mama
Areek Yoosuf
Kick him ,because he wanted to kick faze kaylen .
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FaZe H1ghsky1 Can't Believe KICKING FAZE H1GHSKY1 FROM 3 weeks ago   19:53

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