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Game Of Thrones Bloopers That'll | Behind The Scenes With The Cast - At Up-Tube.com

Game Of Thrones Bloopers That'll Behind the Scenes with the Cast 1 day ago   04:05

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In spite of all the flying dragons, Game of Thrones is one of the most serious shows in TV history. And with all that tension on-screen, the show's cast of award-winning actors from all over the world simply has to break the tension from time to time. That results in some very charming — if surprising — bloopers that will change the way you watch these scenes in Game of Thrones...

Tyrion tongue twister | 0:18
A watery grave | 0:50
Hound vs. axe | 1:14
Strong and silent | 1:40
Wedding date | 2:05
Lannister lingo | 2:28
Burning back | 2:46
Polite flub | 3:09
Dance party | 3:36

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Comments 226 Comments

What other Game of Thrones bloopers do you think should've made the list?
I bet that scene with Jaime waving his gold hand was a blooper that was kept.
Pekka Laitinen
Why the fuck do u have to talk we dont need u
b1rdkeeper S
You talk too much.
Ben Dover
Stopped playing a minute in....stfu. Way too much talking. Only flat earthers require an explanation for the obvious
Dan Vaught
I had to stop watching and find another blooper reel. I don't need bloopers explained.
Naseer Ahmad
Geez u talk too much. Also, i didn't laugh once. Was trying to block the irritating narrator out.
Oh just show the fucking blooper reel
Harvey Shaw
Why the fuck wouldn’t u post the videos by themselves
Why r u talking tho
Chaz F
Or show us the clips and shut the fuck up
Joo Ki
How does a channel that destroys clips like this blooper reel just to hear your own voice get so many subs? Did you buy your subs?
Adam Quirke
Why do bloopers need narration?
Pete Normand
I thought this would have me laughing. I was wrong.
K Talha Ather
hang ur self looper
Me : start that bloopers before i piss myself
Bill Pomeroy
I have to agree with everyone else, bro. Too much of you, not enough bloopers. I can't even watch the rest of this after a minute. You have a great voice, too. Nice tone, and good delivery, BUT, start your own VLOG about you, or a podcast or something. Bloopers are about the bloopers. ESPECIALLY GOT, I mean, come on, we want to hear these beloved actors talk, not a bunch of narration.
flaviu calin blaga
This is lamentable. Comment is also lamentable. CRAP.
Rokudo Damaza
Well, thanks for ruining the bloopers
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Behind the Scenes with the Cast Game Of Thrones Bloopers That'll 1 day ago   12:01

Watch Annie Leibovitz photograph the cast of Game of Thrones filming in Northern Ireland.

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