MY ROOMMATE DOES MY FX MAKEUP Medusa headpiece and makeup tutorial 2 months ago   36:08

Watch my best friend and roommate, Katy, nail this fx transformation. .... kind of.

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Comments 5764 Comments

Drink every time Katy talks about socks.

(Also please drink responsibly Katy is a bad role model obvi)
Maggie Steele
I honestly need Katy’s confidence.
Nina Corel
I can't find the wristbands. Where are they?
Kylie Roth
It’s so goshdarn satisfying when “here’s an ad” *ad*
Kristina Archibald
Now were cooking with tomato sauce 😂😂
Aya Chan19
I want to see you do Katie's SFX MAKEUP PLZZZ
Turbo Vlogs
Mykie- “I’m concussed”
Katy- “yeah and I’m over this shit!”
XxxCool_caTxxX kitten
Yo there actually was an add when she said “here’s an add”! Spooky scary!😬🤭😂
Antoinette Marlow
HOLY SHEEEEIT! Katy definitely has a drinking problem! Truth!!
England Mcgill
Why is Katy me with the fucking pickle juice
Mickey Johnson
I thought a 3 month break would be easy....I am so wrong
I have watched the same 3 videos 6x times ....
Margaret Steele
Have Katy recreate this look on you one day!
That dancing geek
Katy looks really good in glasses
The moment she said "Here's an ad" a ponds ad came on,😂😂
Alcohol activated
*just like Katie*
Paola Cevallos
Katie is what a Pomeranian would be in human form
Haylie Hedden
I know exactly who pinhead is
Stephanie A. Lowry
My Dad has a Hellraiser poster hanging up in our basement. Pinhead is really creepy.
Tricia Reed
If Katy was less worried about her appearance and more worried about Mykie's appearance, maybe the makeup would get started!
Dark_drops_ Of_color
Ending part of the video seems like a montage of a monster with her best friend
Like literal glam and gore embodied as people😭💙😂
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Medusa headpiece and makeup tutorial MY ROOMMATE DOES MY FX MAKEUP 2 months ago   15:42

In this episode we dive into Greek mythology and take on the task of creating ourselves a Medusa headpiece and makeup.

It's not super difficult but it's very time consuming so you better prepare tha patience of yours cause you're going to need it. And if you're affriaid of snakes this might not be the look for you.

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