MY ROOMMATE DOES MY FX MAKEUP Medusa headpiece and makeup tutorial 5 months ago   36:08

Watch my best friend and roommate, Katy, nail this fx transformation. .... kind of.

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the fly pinhead makeup halloween challenge tutorial scar wax

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Drink every time Katy talks about socks.

(Also please drink responsibly Katy is a bad role model obvi)
Jazmine Morgan
I know who pinhead is
Lydia Lyrical
Why does Katie's voice sound like an asmr channel
Victoria Petrov
5:54 *gets huge ass rice crispy treat* ...... thats what id do but id ack like "oh its for a b-day party. ugh i, stuck with the getting the party supplies and snacks, ugh"
but no its for me
robin deatherage
It actually looks like a burn scar.
suzi campbell
Like of you think Mikey should do a daily routine.
I know pin head
Tigra Cat
Here's an ad
Got an ad
excuse me, did she just drink pickle water?
Eliana Ruiz
Katy can make an asmr channel
Essence Isechal
OMG is it just me or right after she said here's an ad a ad popped up???!!!
Bailey Buikema
Why is katy so inconsiderate?
Lindsay Stoddard
Why did the scar wax go bumpy around her mouth?
Brooklyn Sproles
I literally got an ad when she said here’s an ad
CrÄżŸ ÇøØKįË mØnśTęR
She has to do another colab with simply nail logical and do pin head but instead of using NAILS they use nails💅🏻
Millie Berry
Omg ik this is an old vid bit I'm rewatching it and when mykie said here's an ad an ad popped up is this a coincidence or not
marin schindler
It's it now we're cookin with oil???
Reyanna Wilkins
"My mom thinks Im advertisement friendly here's an ad" says mykey RIGHT before an ad pops up... Hmmm
Is it just me who thinks Katy looks like Katie Cassidy? (Laurel Lance is Arrow?)
10.32 she highlighted her freaking shoulders lmao i’m done 😂😂😂
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Medusa headpiece and makeup tutorial MY ROOMMATE DOES MY FX MAKEUP 5 months ago   15:42

In this episode we dive into Greek mythology and take on the task of creating ourselves a Medusa headpiece and makeup.

It's not super difficult but it's very time consuming so you better prepare tha patience of yours cause you're going to need it. And if you're affriaid of snakes this might not be the look for you.

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