Rivaldo Legendary Best Goals Funniest Sport Teams Pranks 2 weeks ago   10:05

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Compilation with 10 minutes of amazing goals scored by the Brazilian legend, Rivaldo.

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Deleted one’s bgm is much better than this. Fuc* fif*
Mohammed Salah
make a video about Michael Owen please
Canal Gabriel Filmes
O melhor dos melhores!
ThiagoVDL Grounds
Paulista - Pernambuco
Ismail Farooq
which song have you used?
Bruno Martello
Kaká skills pls
Lucas Pederzini
4:10 was sick
suravi thakuria
I love this chenel . So i subscribe
Elias Ferreira
Underrated! Grande jogador, o que eu mais admiro, pela humildade e dedicação em campo.
Ivhan Mendez
Como que tem fdp que dá deslike num vídeo desse?!?
É porque ele acaba?
Dann Nguyen
Watching these brazil legend make me feel like neymar is a kid
Marllon Menezes
Um dos maiores que ja vi
Adhil ZUB
imagine if he is now in La liga what could be he's overall in football games 😃
Haider Noor
great player 🤙🏻🤙🏻
gol de hoy
I like your video
justsay no
90s and early 00s were great times to be a young football fan. So many great teams, so many great players. Both serie A and la liga were seriously competitive, with lazio/roma, depor/Valencia all winning the championship.
Arsenal v utd in the premier league was epic too.
Great times👍
Hunter DZ
Légende de football💪👊
Hunter DZ
Légende de football💪👊
0:20 he even won a balon dor ?🤨 barça’s all greats
Yanis tqt
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Funniest Sport Teams Pranks Rivaldo Legendary Best Goals 2 weeks ago   08:00

Here's a few clips of pro and college athletes pranking their teammates, coaches, and fans.

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