Rivaldo Legendary Best Goals Romario ● Most Clinical Striker 3 months ago   10:05

HeilRJ Football Channel
Compilation with 10 minutes of amazing goals scored by the Brazilian legend, Rivaldo.

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Dark Knight 77
Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Robinho,Carlos,Kaka,Rivaldo etc....
What A Team Of LEGENDS Man!!!!!
The Infant Finite
He is a copy of Romario. Same playing style and I like him.
annonymus annonymus
Better than Zidane
XxImViscousxX Angel
La zurda de messi no se compara con la de rivaldo,para las nuevas generaciones
Most dangerous left foot long shot in football history LEGEND
abouzar esmaeili
A legend
Very underraterd player
For me , he was the reason why ronaldo Was a monster in WC 2002
Rivaldo is a genuis
Rafipranata Jiwa
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/6IgRL2VoB64 best player football timnas Indonesia the speed
edilson rodriguez
Bekim Living free
The best and most skilled football player of all times, with best positive energy and charisma.
Amjad Afr
Whats the music name ... Plz somebody tell me ...HEILRJ ...PLZ tell me
HeilRJ, Thank you for your work. Everytime I am about to go to train with my team, I watch one of your video. It makes me so pump and I really feel confident and creative. Joga bonito ! =)
Nuno Afonso
This guy was awesome.
Maestro 👌
Георгий Ленточкин
Левая на ВСЕ ВРЕМЕНА!!!
james goes
monstro, gênio, incomparável, eternamente Bola de ouro.
Tien Dang
style of beast , it's like style of messi
Deleted one’s bgm is much better than this. Fuc* fif*
Mohammed Salah
make a video about Michael Owen please
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Romario ● Most Clinical Striker Rivaldo Legendary Best Goals 3 months ago   19:52

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