Children’s truth about banking Kids - Do you have a piggy bank 2 days ago   01:24

Duval Guillaume
How’s the reputation of the banks, nowadays?
To find out, we asked children if they were ready to become the next bankers. Their answers will surprise you… Or not.
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Oscar Garcia Jr
Y. Joris Michiels
uw imago? Wat dacht ge van te beginnen met uw gedrag? The people are coming for yah greedy bastards!
Without banks tomorrow, cool.
The Primme Minister kids giggle is scary. Guess he has talent. lol
How is this a bad thing? ...
Jack J Baldwin
the history of the current banking system has been running so long, people forgot why.  it was supposed to be a tool, to mold, and help. and it was allowed to be the means unto the end itself.
maybe if banks add implement bitcoin?...

ahh, fuck its hopeless for banks.
Jorge Guerra
Fuck u fucking bankers. With bitcoin we can be our own banks. By the time these kids are adults they wont even know banks even existed at one point. U bankers are a dying species. Youre endangered. Ur all a bunch of fucking dinosours, and ethically ur lower than cat puke. Bitcoin is gonna pulverize all i bitches
Meh... children know squat. I get the message, and the reply to that is that the public know squat. Many people in the public, at least those I've spoken to in Canada, believe that the legal profession is some sort of corrupt seedy business where lawyers break laws and get criminals off. I would imagine this type of attitude poisons their view of bankers as well, especially in light of 08/09 collapse. No one is saying that these professions are perfect, but it doesn't mean that they can't have "good" people that care about things other than just money, nor does it mean that somehow the world would get along (with similar standards of living) without these industries. 

Plus, when I was a kid I wanted to be the Secretary General of the UN, but now I know how naive I was. I might as well have pinned a big smiley face, bought a burger king crown and proclaimed I was the king of all the universe. 
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I was a banker, and I didn't want to be a banker anymore.
I did want to be a banker when I was a little boy.
Now? Nyet.
Bankier wie wilt da nu worden als hem jong is , ik heb nog nooit niemand in mijn jongen tijd geweten da zei van oke nu ga ik bankier worden , iedereen wilde pompier , flik of iemand bekend worden maar bankier, toch niet als ge kind zijt. 
a brown couch? really? :DDD
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Kids - Do you have a piggy bank Children’s truth about banking 2 days ago   01:58

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