A First Drive Chris Urmson: How a driverless car sees 1 day ago   02:53

Google self-driving car project
Fully autonomous driving has always been the goal of our project, because we think this could improve road safety and help lots of people who can't drive. We're now developing prototypes of vehicles that have been designed from the ground up to drive themselves—just push a button and they'll take you where you want to go! We'll use these vehicles to test our software and learn what it will really take to bring this technology into the world.

Watch volunteers take a ride in Mountain View, California. Then read more at: http://goo.gl/qDUtgq

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Isaac Baxter
great video just wanna take my car out and wrap it around a pole!
to small for guy that 7ft8
Roberto Mena
I want to have one of these cars and participate in this Google self-driving car project please contact me... thanks.. It is really the car of my dreams
David Helweg
Self driving cars is a really bad idea, what if it decides to breakdown? Since most new things only work for a few years
no such thing as first or not
Pranjit Nath
Good good car
Samuel Ngabia
Samuel Ngabia
Self driving cars are amazing, but why do they have to be SO DAMN UGLY!!!!!! WORK ON YOUR DESIGN
Roshan P
MAKE a device/app which will tell when its safe to cross the road. Or if I am on sidewalk... device that will let me know person/cycle behind me. A device which will make walking safe......anywhere....on road, sidewalk, tracks.....
vincent yap
you no need license to sit in this car
Craig Peterson
Don’t make the world full of self driving cars pleas. I love driving
I want a car that's fun to drive, but that can drive itself for when I commute to places like my classes and work. If Teslas were a fun car to drive, I'd buy one. The only issue is that the car has a fun limit, heat up the batteries, now you can have fun- oh wait the batteries overheated now you have to wait for them to cool down so you can heat them up again... Also Tesla needs spare parts that actually exists, I can't tell you how many times I've had to change out a bumper, or turn signal because they went out or got damaged, but apparently those don't exist in the Tesla world.
Rrorro God
What about if something in the car fails lol fuck that shit i like driving lol
Thanks, but I think I'd rather have a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS with a 327 Chevy Small Block
So this is the future, is it? A self-driving car? Well then I suppose I'll kill myself now, because life wouldn't be worth living in a world where you can't drive a car! The traffic laws are going to change and adapt to autonomous cars, and it'll be impossible to drive a normal car. You couldn't drive a Mercury Invicta or a Pontiac Star Chief or something like that. I don't know.
giorgio tortellini
uck off oogle
Basically Bailey
Geo Dasher8000!!
How much?
Demarion Morrison Jordan
wait but my mom can get one
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Chris Urmson: How a driverless car sees A First Drive 1 day ago   15:30

Statistically, the least reliable part of the car is ... the driver. Chris Urmson heads up Google's driverless car program, one of several efforts to remove humans from the driver's seat. He talks about where his program is right now, and shares fascinating footage that shows how the car sees the road and makes autonomous decisions about what to do next.

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