The Decline of General Electric...What Happened? The Problem Facing Harley-Davidson 1 year ago   11:01

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General Electric has helped shape the society we have today. 126 years of invention and innovation that all started with Thomas Edison, yet today they're struggling. This video takes a look their decline and attempts to convey why it's significant. It also explains a popular belief concerning the for this decline. It's been a sad story, but it's not over yet.

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I actually live near the GE facility/building.
Ranjan Biswas

Their aviation side is doing pretty good though, I wouldn't be surprised if it became their main focus of income.
Looking at that financial report, it looks like what was traditionally GE's bread and butter, lighting and aviation, are doing just fine. It's a common mistake in business to spread yourself too thin when you get too big.
I like power systems relays that they made back before the 2000s. The newer ones arent as user friendly as other company's relays. Plus GE's customer support is nonexistent
Bryce Cherry
Have you heard about the General Electric boycott in the 80s regarding the company's production and promotion of nuclear weapons?
2WheelAddicted !
Not enough research went into this video. Please check gives a much better detailed review of what happen to GE.
James Slick
I remember when GE and Westinghouse were like Ford Vs Chevy, Or Pepsi Vs Coke. Those two in the electrical device and appliance markets were that big. Each had loyal customers. I'm from Pittsburgh (The home of the original Westinghouse Electric). To some folks, (with Westinghouse connections, no pun intended...) Buying a GE fridge for example was looked down. Like buying Hunt's ketchup in Pittsburgh, Or a Pepsi in Atlanta, Some DID it,but others scorned!, LOL. Today, I I have a GE fridge (Not SURE what my mother or grandfather would say about that,LOL).
Terrell A'mari
Thomas Edison DID NOT invent the light bulb. It was Lewis Latimer who invented the filament which makes the light. Thomas just made the glass casing
Rob C
GE Tried to become a Bank instead of a manufacturing company and began to fail at both.
Chuck Schenck
GE should be burnt to the ground and the ashes scattered, and the execs put on trial .Selling nuclear reactors in tsnami earthquake. Edison was a scoundrel Tesla was the inventor and Edison took the credit.
If you look at their losses the biggest source was power, renewables and . oil. That is what they might want to consider dumping.
Susanne Sahakian
Oh no! GE! ==Consolidated Edison(Con Ed)delivers electricity to NYC.My bill alone can pay a salaryBut now UNESCO suppliers are offering an alternative to the monopoly of Con Ed.To think I was going to buy stock in GE.Ill stick with Chevron.How about doing NYC stores like Gimbels,Alexanders,Lord &Taylor,Orbachs,EJ Korvettes,theres so many.OUT of business.A&S Strauss.This was before you were born I'm sure.🤣🤣
Big Yin
4.00 No he didn't. He was the first American to "invent" the light bulb.
Patoren 3gou
Washing machines are doomed
The power generation segment was extremely lucrative for them. Sending maintenance teams to Scotland, Indonesia and Ecuador. You have to be making terrible business decisions to ruin your company.
Mohammad M
If only GE tried to conquer silicon valley and not worry about selling lamps, they wouldn't be going out of business!!
Eli Wesley
GE9x that what happened. Boeing bought a GE9x instead of a CEO-X
The Renewable industry is heading for collapse, so GE' windmills will be another boondoggle.
Zubin Grant
There's a lot of repetitive statements that can be condensed. Time is precious, let's not waste it.
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The Problem Facing Harley-Davidson The Decline of General Electric...What Happened? 1 year ago   09:24

Harley-Davidson is the biggest name in motorcycles...but they've seen better days. This video discusses big problem they are facing.


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