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Leroy's Blown Up Trans Gets | Finnegan's Garage Ep.68: I'm Working - At Up-Tube.com

Leroy's BLOWN UP Trans Gets Finnegan's Garage Ep.68: I'm Working 3 months ago   24:51

Cleetus McFarland
Let's see if we can do this ourselves for once!
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Comments 2208 Comments

William Chapman
Never learn until u try
Jeff Bowen Jr
Cletus, have you guys tried liberty gears?
You guys do realize james grew up in his family’s transmission shop right lol
There was lot of shafts in this video
Martin Paterson
Cluster gear all AUSSIE FOUR SPEEDS have em👍🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Timothy Holman
666k views...hail the dark lord Leroy
What about leroy's torque tube? Is it stock or beefed up?
Josh St. Louis
Put two bolts through the Bearing Assassin 9000© and you'd have a plain ol' bearing splitter.
SpeedDemon Z
Thanks for that one. Very educational.
I remember doing my own M-21... went and got the free little service book from the parts counter, I remember putting some parts in the freezer and heating some with a torch I was 17
Jacob Hyde
One of my fave videos in a while
Nice short throw you got there
Austin Wilson
Hey James isn't the one gear you called fourth just the idle gear cause I could have sworn on 6sp trans fourth is direct drive so it wouldn't go in to the lower set instead just lock the input and output shaft together. Let me know I'm always curious about anything automotive
Don't you need to put really thick bearing grease in those circular ones. Not the teeth ones. So it keeps the balls in the bearing moving right. I know you said you are going to put ATF in it. But what about bearing grease?
Alan Torres
broooo now ima rebuild my t5s and t56 because of the giraffe neck pullerrrrrr
Most car guys give an engine a go!!! But most won't touch a manual gearbox and even more won't touch an automatic transmission..... why.... I don't know.... ...pull it apart... it goes back together the same way!!!!! And all the the specs for clearances are on the internet from the manufacturers!!! To easy!!! Although... having access and knowing how to use a lathe helps infinitely!!
Gregory Carter
That’s a lot of Bardle Skeet back there.Could probably drink that in a few days.
imma start a gofundme for james to buy at least 1 new shirt
t dang
Awesome vid thx for posting! Give us amateurs hope we can DYI!
Rui Kazane

WTF hahahahahahaahahahawheheheehe!
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Finnegan's Garage Ep.68: I'm Working Leroy's BLOWN UP Trans Gets 3 months ago   26:00

Since this is the summer of driving unfinished projects, I'm briefly switching gears from wrenching on my '67 Chevy C10 and working on Game Over, my Placecraft twin-turbo jet boat. My goal is to drive both the truck and the boat in 2019 but I'd really like to go boating with my family before summer is over so Game Over takes precedence over the truck for now.

In this video we are going to build a throttle system to connect our B1 Racing billet gas pedal to the Accufab throttle body that's mounted atop the 711ci Sonny Leonard twin-turbo engine. It's a pretty simple task that gives me the opportunity to show you some fabrication tricks and tools while showing you just what makes this incredible fiberglass boat work.

If there's anything I didn't cover in the video or you have tips for making garage life easier or more fun please feel free to comment below.

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