Leroy's BLOWN UP Trans Gets Finnegan's Garage Ep.68: I'm Working 4 days ago   24:51

Cleetus McFarland
Let's see if we can do this ourselves for once!
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hey guys, what is the story with the blue e46 BMW in the background. I would be keen to hear about it please.
Angel Velasco
You should really get Leroy some body panels made with carbon fibre. He’s super fast now. Imagine how much faster he could be with aero.
The Ranch Life
Anybody else see that c5 that got the new record
Guy Bean
9:41 what car is that?
Dan Evan Fishing
Leroy needs more turbo. A pair of Precision 76/75 Gen 2s. Both GM stick cars pushing 200 are running that setup and Ray’s running a freaking single 98 now. They’ll get up on the two step just fine and allow Leroy to back half like an animal
Brian Hazeltine
How about some Leroy pulls. Been to long lol
Cool! McFarland Transmissions!!! lol
someone get the man a giraffe!!!!!
Looks like that trans. was built in China.
steady bangin3z
Sneaky lil "fucken A..." haha...
wacky boyzzz
how th do you turn subtitles off on YouTube
jOn WhiTe
Nothing is better than getting your shift clean. 👄👅🙆‍♀️
Big Mo MonteCarlo
Can you run a sequential shifted trans an still be able to get the world record fast stick shift gm trans? Love channel been watching back when u started it.
Richard Price
does ( anyone have experience with / know / willing to share if ) the bell-housing / pumpkin 🎃 happen to be the same part number or fit for the corvette t56/t56mag( i already tried the tail-housing = failure but can force it to work ( right ish length way wrong bolt pattern ) with welding or machining same with the bell 🛎 but that ones has way smaller bolt-pattern circle ⭕️ size transmission side on the bell vs tr70 ) /tr6060/tr6070 manuel transmissions? and what parts are the same as a chevy camaro style platform ie the shifter assembly ( i what a divorced shifter assembly that i can mount the shifter-boot base as far forward as i can hopefully on the floor trans hump next to the firewall out of the way basically the opposite direction 180d from how the 2013 camaro points it back to the back seats ) or the tail-shaft-housing? ( for a easy bolt-in swap ) ( odly a 1969 dodge 727 automatic transmissions driveshaft output coupler fits the splines ( and the t56 magnum's tail shaft housing seal output ) but id rather have the fixed cv style output coupler, o by the way the main-shaft so far fits without modify any of it + = the right overall length = vary little cutting and chassis welding mins the trans floor hump needing widening to make room ( i think 🤔 💭 i could be wrong for now as im not done yet i mite up date this post later after i find out ) for the bigger / taller / wider main transmission case as the backend is bigger on the t70 than the stock automatic ) as i have a 2014 mek c7 unit and im trying to fit it in a earlier 60s sold axle muscle car without the transaxle parts but keeping the Z51 faceplate ( converting the car to use a hydraulic throw-out bearing clutch style and keeping all 7-gears ) with the transmission cooler pump for track day use
Robert Oswald
With your puller you could cut the tubes and thread them. add all tread and could be what ever length you want
DC Bluez
A new gear riding against an old gear or gears have different wear angles. I like to change any gears that are new with a new gear that is riding in combo with the new gear or gears so the wear angle is perfect. On old worn gear riding on a new gear will work but will not last as long. Gears ride on a film or oil with a specific oil clearance but the difference in gear wear angle can affect how the gears ride on the film of oil. Its all in how much you can afford with the new parts but as far as rebuilding it all works but a first quality rebuild needs to right parts to be installed.
Giraffe neck puller!!!
Would 10 one foot giraffes work?
Keep on keeping it real y'all
Jenner Barrera
Thanks for this video, I have never seen the inside of a transmission before. This may help me one day.
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Finnegan's Garage Ep.68: I'm Working Leroy's BLOWN UP Trans Gets 4 days ago   26:00

Since this is the summer of driving unfinished projects, I'm briefly switching gears from wrenching on my '67 Chevy C10 and working on Game Over, my Placecraft twin-turbo jet boat. My goal is to drive both the truck and the boat in 2019 but I'd really like to go boating with my family before summer is over so Game Over takes precedence over the truck for now.

In this video we are going to build a throttle system to connect our B1 Racing billet gas pedal to the Accufab throttle body that's mounted atop the 711ci Sonny Leonard twin-turbo engine. It's a pretty simple task that gives me the opportunity to show you some fabrication tricks and tools while showing you just what makes this incredible fiberglass boat work.

If there's anything I didn't cover in the video or you have tips for making garage life easier or more fun please feel free to comment below.

Below are links to the tools I talk about and there's a link to my shopping cart where you'l find my latest apparel, stickers and gear.

Fowler Optical Center Punch:

Another less expensive optical center punch:

Schumacher Electric rechargeable work light:

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