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Lawnmower Races---Maple Valley Redneck | Lawnmower Races At Andover Old Home - At Up-Tube.com

Lawnmower Races---Maple Valley Redneck Lawnmower races At Andover Old Home 11 months ago   05:47

Greg Owens
Website: http://www.maplevalleyrednecks.com ---Maple Valley Redneck Racers lawnmower races at Maple Valley Days 2009. They also have sled pull and mud pit events, but I wasn't able to stay for them.

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Ashlynn Spence
Ken you mac a good Chractr
Gotta be southern boys n girls. I’m moving south for the winter!
Jordan Ormsbee
4:41 anybody else have that lawn mower cause I do it was a piece
todd epperson
They have mower demolition days for the mowers?
Matt Eckert
Put your wheelie bar closer to the ground.lots of loses because of it
love hope
I miss them good Ole days
Smoke Weed Roshambo
2009 viewed in 2019
That looks like a lot of fun. For Cheap even.
Dave lykam
Thats freakn awesome,,thats why i love the south
Diesel Haaven
They should have a longer strip that’s not long enough to go through the gears
Yamaha SR650
True lawn mower racing includes a mower deck with blades removed. These ain't "lawn mowers".
Thea Verner
the purple tractor drivin chick stole the show you sillybillys
Keith Clark
That guy with the john deere trying to ruin his shift keys or what. Jeez.
the full monte
Why didn't the girl on purple mower win? She never lost.
SebiX Orlen
Honda racing in a nutshell
B&C Used Mowers
When is the next races I would love to join with my craftsman.
That looks like fun!
WaveTek IT Solutions
This reminds me of that scene from Waterboy...
\m/ MayheM \m/
That little purple one was pretty fast, but looked SOOO hard to control. Maybe tighten the steering, add some caster and camber...
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Lawnmower races At Andover Old Home Lawnmower Races---Maple Valley Redneck 11 months ago   13:37

The powder puff race at the end of the day topped the bill for excitement. Where lead, follow or get out of the way was the battle cry!

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