Crushing: God Turns Pressure Into TD Jakes - God Is Gonna Give You A Shift 2 days ago   1:48:19

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Bishop T.D. Jakes and Pastor Steven Furtick talk about moving past the painful, "crushing" seasons of life and into God’s purpose for your future.

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Jenny Chavez
2 months ago I wanted to die...I listened to pastor Steve and he helped me throught my darkest hour ...I was stuck for a year and a half just about to give up because no one could understand my pain....I listened to you too do this for people like me...I have 5 beautiful kids and 8 grandchildren....they almost lost me....I wanna say thank you!!!
Jenny Chavez
You described me to a tee...its 6am in California and I've isolated myself for the past year....I run back to my room every night alone...I don't talk to anyone ....I'm broken listening right now I went throught some unamanagible trauma since the age 5 till age 48 whole life...but I know Gods calling me out of the crushing...I'm in awe of this message at this exact time....God really does love me
BuffMummy Fit Foodie
Thank you for this video, i laughed and cried from start to finish.
I said it and say it again and again I love you bishop , and I wish that I can meet you and learn from you one day. God always send you and your wisdom my way each time I’m in my crushing season. And god knows that I need this today more than ever as the attacks on my life have been so fierce and relentless this past few years. I’m holding to his words and my kids . I have not only to lift myself up but my kids too, and I feel sometimes that I can’t I can’t take it no more . And I am terrified God . Bishop please pray for me and my two beautiful kids, thank you.
Jason Harris
I am in tears as a grown man, GOD!!!! Thank you Bishop Jakes and Pastor Steven
I started to not watch but then I thought if I could sit through an entire Avengers movie I could make time and I am so glad I did. This was surely a Powerful message and exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Best time spent today. May have to go an listen again.
Alana Fernandez
The best and most powerful sermon I’ve listen to to date. This said exactly what it needed to say 💫
Betsy Molyneaux
Damarcus Mitchell
Niecy Baker
My 2 best pastor's powerful this was so fire i will watch it again i woke up saying i going 2 spend sometime with jesus put on youtube boom this popped up it was 4 me god was talkin 2 me from 2 men that i believe is on fire with jesus on them in them god be the glory amen thank you
Maryline Wanjare
Jesus got me rejoicing on this crushing time.
Alexia Khadime
Just moving and insightful. I spoke of TD jakes today and then came across this video by accident not through searching. What a message! Spoke to me. Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick for sharing this and thank you Bishop TD Jakes for the message and relaying it that we may truly hear it. God lessons, Gods word, Gods promise. God Bless you both! Thank you X
kyomukama catherine
Wooow,This is simply Amazing!!!Thank you Lord for the Crushing because it was/is meant for my Soaring.
Forever Faithful
Powerful Word thank You Jesus help us Father to know that crushing is never permanent!!! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God.
elias debela
truly speaking Bishop isn't just anointed but also gifted
DhJ. feb79
Thank you both God started a great work in me long ago and in this process the crushing I ran away thinking my life has been so messed up being saved shouldn't hurt like this but I understand now may God bless you !
Shannel McDowell
That was some meat!! And gave me a lot to chew on with my own life and during crushing moments. Also love how teachable Pastor Steven is.
MisterSoko Kamara
Powerful!! May God continue to keep TDJakes, as he continues to impart us with great teachings. Amen
Kay Lee
TD Jakes is a con man... I went to a conference that he was speaking at for women only. The whole sermon was about how if we women would give, god would give back to us! After his talk about “prosperity” he took offering receiving thousands, but Then after offering Jakes got a revelation from God that 10 women in the audience were to give him $10,000 each and that God would bless their businesses tenfold! He pushed and pushed (taking at least 30 min) until he got that last women to give him $10,000! So not only did he walk out with a huge offering but he also walked out with $100,000 all tax-free! I can hardly stand the sight of that man, he is a charlatan!
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TD Jakes - God Is Gonna Give You A Shift Crushing: God Turns Pressure Into 2 days ago   1:13:25

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