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One of broadcast television’s finest dramas goes off the air next month. But first? A proper farewell as part of our first Tribeca Tune In.
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iamsam Bryne
TGW movie would be awesome! Keep all of season 7 cast & give Alicia & Will their happily ever after
liliam wong castro
I didn't know Cush was a brit
I watched The Good Wife since Season 1, episode 1, and it was a very good show. However, I find in this interview and with the creators overall they were never very honest. When asked about a story line or arc that they regretted, the Kings should have said the arc with Kalinda and her husband. The fans did not like that arc and responded by not watching. The kings are aware. They hold a lot, too much, to their chest.
So sorry....I cannot wait see these kinds of show like 'Good wife'
iamsam Bryne
Great show!Sunday nites won't be the same without TGW! Love the whole cast, most especially Julianna. Wish Cush & Jeffrey had come on board way sooner!
Julianna was not bored as an actress to play Alicia during this whole season.
Well, at leas someone enjoyed that.
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