Lynn University's Campus Tour USF Campus Tour 2 months ago   04:58

Lynn University
Join Mike and Natalie as they show you some highlights of campus. To schedule a visit, visit

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I can't wait to go theree...omg
Lee Huck Tee
Very beautiful, colorful and creative environment campus.
xxIzabella Mariexx
My sister got accepted, i cant wai to go here!!
Teniquia Blake
Can't wait to go here
Roxannie Miller
I am gonna apply in 2020
Jolly John
Whoo i got accepted!
Preterm S
I’m a sophomore in high school, and this is my #1 choice for college.
Shin Yong Ri
in where country?
B.S. Bernasconi
Alma Mater Studiorum
Alana Frazer
Very Good 👌
Dquan Porzel
Thinkin about this school
Longevity Productions
great video!
Eliza Genesis
I can't wait to go here!!!!
David S
I was there
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USF Campus Tour Lynn University's Campus Tour 2 months ago   10:29

Get familiar with USF's 55-acre campus before you arrive in-person to visit.
Explore the residence halls, libraries, laboratories and more that make up the Hilltop campus in the heart of San Francisco.

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