Welcome to my OG Skin Fortnite Clan I Played 8 Year Old's SECRET 2 months ago   13:22

Welcome to my OG Fortnite Skin Clan (Shoutout Lachlan Discord)
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Just to clear things up, the blue knights are OG but I thought they along with black knights were too common (from the results of our poll we could of had 100's of black knights)
Orlando 2k
I lost my aerial assault trooper account 😥 RIP
Jaxson Plays Gamer
DanyFCB 10
2:15 there's a mf LAMA 😂😂😂🕹
Justin Dominguez Gamer dog
It was season 2
Justin Dominguez Gamer dog
The royal knight is OG so Lachlan is kind of a dumb
Adora Dela Cruz
Wait is it ok to be recon speacilest
Blaze BigCat
Royale Knights are og
Red line Assassin
I have rex and tricera Ops
Two Sculls Two brothers
Wow this really hurts because I don’t have an OG skin is unfair really OG’s rule the world that stupid
XXXtentacionband Waggon
Royal knight is older than Code name elf
Michael Ratliff
Do you have recon
Linda Steinberg
Does a season 1 default with default cosmetics count
Mohammad Alramadan
Why did you kill the royal night aka blue squire
Angry Doge
I bought cod black ops 3 instead of ghoul trooper and all the other og skins

Atleast i have royale knight and blue squire
Tekno Karınca
The ıkonik or blue şquierr storm knight john wick is alllowvd
Herman Te'o
how can they here you
Jessica Sandoval
i been playing sense sesson #3
Jessica Sandoval
Is Merry Marauder okay
Gabe The gamer
0:20 RG what he you mean OG
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I Played 8 Year Old's SECRET Welcome to my OG Skin Fortnite Clan 2 months ago   10:09

I Played 8 Year Old's SECRET Fortnite Creative Map - Enjoy!
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