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Ice Cream Sandwich
Quick video nothing special. I thought I'd do something quick since I haven't made a video for a bit to get back in to the swing of things. You know how things swing? Yeah I want to get back in to that. So yeah dream tree house. I pretty much just want a glorified elevator. Now that you've read that you don't even need to watch the video. Look at that. Just saved you like 1 minute of your life. You're welcome.

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Reviewer 2016
How did he draw a Nintendo Switch before it was released?!
This isn’t a treehouse

Jara Laurens
I used to have a bunk bed in my tree house :/
The mark of a good tree house is two things

1:how you climb in to it
2:how you get stuff up(like snacks)

Bro.. what about an actual good tree? That can be made into a tree house
That Whould Cost Alot For Hydraulics Though
Sofi Vigo
*wall wall wall wall roof window door*
Richard The Third
I mean I'm no engineer but maybe like 4 chain motors and a platform? And a way to lock the platform in once it's raised so it's not just the chains holding the floor up?
possum weekly
Don’t you hate it whine your neighbors dog is to fat and it breaks your tree house platform bc I DEFINITELY DO
Andrew Baker
How old are you?
I have half my family in construction half in cars I asked the construction half for a tree house they just built a 2 story ground level fucking house around a tree
Niko Niko Studio's
When the platform fell, I Lowkey freaked out
Don't have your volume max when watching his vids xD
Madison Sheard
What if lightning struck the tree?
Ma'Kayla Coates
I snorted at the end
Hikari 396
This is called
just singing
This makes me want a treehouse even more now
ayamjahat 47
Yo nebewrs dawg
01001100 IVE
Damn it... Now I wanna live in a tree house with a friend!
Why u do dis to me ;(
Tboy 205
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What I use to make comics Tree House 2 days ago   01:52

It's been a while. Getting back into the groove of things with a quickie video. Just answering a question I got on tumblr about what I use to make comics. Which is an ipad pro, an apple pencil, and the app procreate. If you are a person that reads descriptions before watching the youtube video then I am sorry for spoiling literally the whole video for you. But at the same time you kinda did this to yourself, didn't you? Yes you did. Why would you do that?

I used Adobe Animate for this one. It was kind of a pain. I am realizing there is no perfect animation software. At least for how I animate. I might make my own animation software some day. It would be web based so no download, maybe easy collaboration capabilities. That would be cool. Gunna wait for web assembly to mature a bit before I dive head first into that. For now I will begin work on another video.

What do you guys use to animate and is it any better than Adobe Animate? Adobe Animate does this dumb thing where if you select a frame, then all vectors in the frame get selected and it will not unselect all vectors even if you navigate away from the frame. So when you preview the animation the selected vectors look like they are flickering during playback. Super annoying I hate it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video!

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