How the four cylinder engine model Amazing science toys/gadgets HD 10 months ago   11:54

In this video I'll show how the four cylinder engine model - DIY with cardboard

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Name of music
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¿Es de 4 tiempos?
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1 like for hard work 😘😘😘
Paylake Diamond
Connect a gear box
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nice one bro
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How many house powers is that putting out?
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Me podes pasar las medidas ?
Приделай к этому движку коробку передач!
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gracias hermano me sal bastes
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Very nice
коти и магія
Ого ого ого я вшоки .
AR Experiment
Мотордрезинное депо Киев
Корявое, как и все поделки автора. Еще и привод ГРМ 1:1...
The Liamerator
Very cool! Timing incorrect, camshaft rotates half the speed of the crank shaft
Brilliant idea
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Material is
Fernando Corona
No podrás darnos las medidas por fa
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cool keep increasing
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Can anybody tell me what they use in this video?
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Amazing science toys/gadgets HD How the four cylinder engine model 10 months ago   07:13

PhysicsFun is bringing you AMAZING SCIENCE Toys/Gadgets!
Sit back and relax. Enjoy 7 minutes of oddly satisfying scientific curiosities feauturing various engines with candles, ferrofluid toys, kinetic art that uses physics, optical illusions, various forms of dices, math toys/shapes and more mindblowing stuff!

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1)Infinity Mirror Tea-light Candle: parallel partially mirrored panes of glass create the illusion of multiple candle flames through the physics of reflection and refraction. ➡️ #physics #physicstoy #refraction #tealight #mirror #infinitymirror #portal #reflection #optics #science #scienceisawesome

2)Balance Pteranodon: weights in the forward wing tips create a center of mass below this pterosaur's beak- making a system that can rotate and oscillate about a stable equilibrium condition. No magnets used or needed for this physics! Usually this toy is found in the form of a bird (direct dinosaur descendent). Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs, but are the largest animals to ever fly, and powered flight has only evolved four times: bats, birds, pterosaurs, and insects- in reverse order.

3)The Levitron: spin stabilized magnetic levitation- will fly for about 3 minutes or more per launch. The spin rate of the magnetic top must be just right for flight, not too fast or too slow. Also the weight of the top must be adjusted to within 1 gram to achieve equilibrium between the pull of gravity and the magnetic repulsion from the large donut shaped magnet in the wood base. Repost of probably my favorite physics toy of all time.

4)Vortex II Coin Bank: interplay of potential energy of gravity and conservation of angular momentum- a simulation of a decaying orbit. Fun with every coin saved!

5)Magnetite Hourglass: ferromagnetic sand collects above a neodymium magnet in the wood base creating interesting patterns that reveal the magnetic field lines.

6)Vintage Kinetic Art: Eames era kinetic sculpture seemingly defies gravity as it glides in a graceful circle. The gold plastic sphere plus wire structure is designed such that its center of mass is few centimeters below the point of contact with its base. When the sculpture is tipped or spun, the center of mass swings under the pivot point in this stable equilibrium condition- no magnets needed to create this physics magic.

7)Ferrofluid Magnetic Tree Sculpture: the 'Nano Tree' by czferro with gold ferrofluid. The spiky structure is due to the balance between the forces from the focused magnetic fields (from a neodymium magnet in the base) and the forces from liquid surface tension.on the colloidal ferromagnetic liquid.

8)Self-Propelled Homopolar Motor on Aluminum Foil Racetrack: disk shaped neodymium magnets supply the static magnetic field for this motor and become the wheels of a very simple vehicle with an AAA battery as the energy source. As soon as both ends make contact with the conducting aluminum foil an electric current will flow which in turn induces a magnetic field underneath the battery assembly. This induced field will then interact with the neodymium magnets on each end causing them to spin- a wonderful example of a motor with minimal components. The racetrack is a cardboard circle from a pizza box covered in foil.

9)Bimetal Seesaw Engine: candle powered heat engine- with bears! A coiled bimetal strip, like that found in a thermostat, coils tighter when heated by the flame moving a counterweight that shifts the center of mass to the left and takes the coil out of the flame. The coil then cools returning the counterweight to the right which places the coil back over the flame- and the process repeats until the candle burns out. Any device that converts heat energy into mechanical motion is called a heat engine- like the very simple one here.

10)Eclipse: A diamagnetic levitation sculpture by Element83 inspired by the Great American Eclipse. Cast from diamagnetic Bismuth, a golden spherical neodymium magnet levitates trapped in a tunnel within the metal. Diamagnetic substances only have magnetic fields of their own when placed in an external magnetic field from another source- here the sphere magnet supplies the field. Diamagnetic fields are pretty weak though so a powerful cube neodymium magnet sits above the tunnel and is adjusted to help lift the sphere magnet against gravity. Trapped in equilibrium by these fields, any other magnet brought near will change the balance. Another amazing creation by Ernie McElhannon.

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