The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real! The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Is a Gorgeous Sport 2 weeks ago   03:57

Marques Brownlee
A rolled-up TV in a box seems pretty weird at first... This is dope tech with potential! This is the LG OLED TV R.

Alternate title - The LG Rollable OLED TV: March Rollout? 😵

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Cool idea but I wall mount my TVs so this neat idea really isn't applicable. Also with OLED black bars are a non issue to since those areas will be 100% off bleeding no light.
Lemon Tree
Can't wait for this to be affordable! No more huge black square on the wall when I don't use the TV...
Easier to rob people now, Thankyou technology
Whitley Coleman
Lose the box and this would be impressive. So yeah a flat rollable tv. Like those bamboo calendars.
William Chan
Roller Fragile TV
Ty Quinn
I'd love to see the box part made into a piece of furniture. For example, if the box was an ottoman/seat you could leave it at the end of your bed. Pop the screen up to watch telly, then pop it back down and sit on it at the end of your bed while you are getting changed and putting your shoes on. Alternatively, making the box into an entertainment unit would be pretty cool too
Fredric Richard
His hand (and finger) language is pretty awesome !
Hugo Kendy
Wakanda Forever!
Wesley Bergstedt
what music is at 0:15 ?
Got em
Roll ha
Dale Watson
gonna be hard to clean when all the dusts are there.
Shourya Singh
what's the intro song??
but.... but.... where will slavic grandmas put table handmade crochet lace !!??
Dank Potato
*They See Me Rollin'*
Basuony comic
Please buy in my channel now that I need you I sing😢
adolph gracius
Plot twist your fingers get stuck on the box while trying to figure out how it works
I hate poofs.
fxris xmxli
I tried rolling my current OLED TV....didn't react the same way.
RoseWolfz Prime
Looks nice but I won't support LG
Kausthubh TSR
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The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Is a Gorgeous Sport The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real! 2 weeks ago   21:33



The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS is a gorgeous, sporty sedan. Today I'm reviewing the new 2019 CLS and I'm going to show you everything you need to know about the Mercedes CLS -- including its quirks and features, as well as its driving experience.

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