The Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2019 (Pt. The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2012 2 days ago   18:26

Todd in the Shadows
Are you ready for the greatest? The best songs of a great year for music, part two! (Support Todd on Patreon! First part here:

Mashup by DylanGLC:

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Zelda Zonk
BTS are the greatest music act of the 21st century so far
I just don't get bad guy. I wish I did
Hydro Eyee
*Spoilers on number 1*

..? Ok but y
Get gonked
BTS = cring, not gamer moment 👎😾👎
Rowan McCracken
Todd respecting Sam's pronouns without making a big deal about it just makes me so happy!
Billie will be doing the next Bond theme it will be intriguing
Anthony Bayne
Is it weird that I only like the 80s synthwave version of bad guy? That shit

Jack M
real dissapointed of 2019's "Top Ten Best Hit Songs".. like the honorable mentions are not even HITS. In my mind, when you said list of hit songs, those are songs that was in the charts. Todd, next time please do better. There are a lot of good songs that should've been there in the list.
elliot Stannard
What is the best song of 2019? Dugh?
elliot Stannard
What I the best song of 2019?... Dugh?
Mariu Hard
The thing about billie is that unlike previous generations I really dont think she takes her own edginess seriously. Gen z as a whole has the same everything sucks perspective but are more likely to joke and meme about it.
I saw "Boy With Luv" on the list and nearly had a fucking aneurysm.
The end of Brightburn was (also?) how I first heard Bad Guy. I had to go seek it out after that.
Diamond Writer
It’s not a kpop moment, it’s a BTS moment. BTS music is better both musically and lyrically that 99% of the kpop industry.
Kayleigh Brown
Honestly.....a lot of this seems just kinda the same to me tbh. Like it's not bad but just
Lekrat Rekrap
Kill it with memes
Bring it back to life with memes.
Milky Joe
Todd must have bad taste in music
Michael-Paul Thompson
I wish I could like Billie Eilish, but I heard Bad Guy for the first time and it was everything I hate. Mumbling vocals, pretentious crap lyrics, that Duh makes me want to turn the song off immediately because it's so stupid and ill-fitting. The backing track is fine. The rest feels like a 14 year old who THINKS they're scary, when actually they're nothing special at all.
2015 Corvette Z06
Kpop? Disgraceful
Donna Hazen
Yeah billie is a beast on the mic
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The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2012 The Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2019 (Pt. 2 days ago   27:18

Get out the Hefty bags, everyone, because it's time to take out 2012's garbage.

(Re-uploaded and re-edited to avoid the YouTube bots!