Dino Baggio Was A Phenomenal Midfielder Francesco Totti ● The Ultimate Legend 2 weeks ago   05:37

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herman priyatna
benarrivo please
Mauricio Garcia
Do papu gomez in his Catania years.
jakub mar
Cristiano Doni
Parma was a fantastic team. In a year they won in the UEFA Cup final against Juventus...
Galermo Azwan
Marc overmars please
sihan cao
I think you and Christinayan are the two sole Youtubers who really have a profound knowledge of these forgotten yet absolutely brilliant players. I nominate Andreas Moller, Enzo Maresca
Lord Giroud
The other Baggio
seb pz
Edgar davids
Abcdefg32 1
Average midfielder.. God do you know football
Gledison Santos Silva
Que jogador completo 👏👏👏👏
ole schrøder
Where do you get all these old clips?
Iman Amiq
Demetrio Albertini please
LOL why does this song keep getting used on all these videos?
haha got brought up on Dino Baggio and co. and to say he was phenomomenal is a bit of a stretch, guy was good tho.
- (GIO22) -
Next : Attilio Lombardo aka Popeye,pls.
Il Milanista Estremamente Esaltato
Good job Mati!
Magnus & Mattias
Wow, what a video!!!
Dino baggio cheisa Crespo asprilla Zola veron thuram cannavaro bennarivo sensini Buffon stoichkov etc ,the Parma of 90s was simply one of the best Italian team of 90s,hope Parma become as great as they used to be
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Francesco Totti ● The Ultimate Legend Dino Baggio Was A Phenomenal Midfielder 2 weeks ago   32:49

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The player who followed his heart instead of money and fame like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. The greatest of player of his generation, Francesco Totti!