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Is Leaded Fuel Better Than | Which Duct Tape Is Strongest? - At Up-Tube.com

Is Leaded Fuel better than Which Duct Tape Is Strongest? 3 months ago   10:46

Project Farm
Is leaded fuel better as than unleaded gasoline? 100 octane low lead aviation fuel (100LL avgas) is tested in several engines: Wankel rotary, see through piston engine, fuel injected generator, small engine for lead build up, and Predator 212 for top speed performance. A special thanks to Matt from the Warped Perception YouTube channel for loaning his rotary engine to me! Please check out his channel. His videos are absolutely amazing!!! Also, thanks to all the viewers that requested this video. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC

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Paquet Parent Félix
Winter as arrived in Québec, you could try to test popular snow boots or maybe even snow shoes .
Damn man ur at like 10 you need to take it down to like a 5.
Because you seem like a fairly intelligent guy, I'm certain if you knew the honest to god incredibly poisonous (neurotoxic) and deadly nature of TEL (tetraethyl)/leaded gasoline there's no way you would've performed this test.
You are comparing gas laced with alcohol with gas that has none. You should have found some 100% alcohol; free unleaded gas to compare with the AV fuel. We have at least one place that sells it though it's more expensive than the regular crap sold at most stations.
Corn Fed
I'm not understanding why you put so much vocal excitement into jet fuel?
Jet fuel, is nothing more than kerosene with some coagulants added to prevent vaporization upon impact.
There's nothing oooh ahhhh whoa special about jet fuel, it's just kerosene.
You should test nitromethane fuel in various engines. Not sure what it will do in a 4-stroke, but a 2-stroke weedeater engine on nitro makes some impressive sounds before self-destructing. 😂
Noah Philson
I have ran Avgas (LL) in my motorcycle compared to the 91 octane no ethanol station gas. I have noticed a few things. LL has a much longer burn and therefore will keep my cold 4 cylinder carbed engine running much easier where 91 would struggle and I would have to turn on the choke. Due to the longer burn I can run the engine at lower RPM. 91 I would need 4K to slowly get up a hill and with LL I need 3k. The (oil cooled) engine runs hotter. My engine will warm up quicker and in the cold I can feel more heat coming from it. Just overall I feel like I'm getting more power from the engine, mostly noticed when passing people on the highway. I've moved to running LL as much as I can due to the lubricative properties of the lead though my mechanic cousin has told me to run 91 every once in a while since it has different lubrication used in newer fuels. I may move to just putting in Techron as my "modern lubricant" and continue to run LL. Due to the hotter burn of LL it will burn off carbon in the engine and lubricate the butterfly valves with the lead. Just some info for you @Project Farm and thanks for all your great videos!
Simon de Vegt
Lead is a powerful neurotoxin. The fact that it still gets added to fuel is a disgrace.
Johnny Steffy
Im a aircraft mechanic. At my old job i would sump a few gallons of 100LL every night and put it in my motorcycle. It was a 2008 zx6r had full exhaust no catalytic converter. It ran perfectly fine didn’t foul the plugs too bad. I probably put 30k miles or so like that no issues.
kølle bølle
Caæn you chek out how olive oil is working in an engine as engine oil
Damien Hartley
The test is inconclusive because you have not removed the governor and you should have removed the muffler and then I believe that you would go 60kph.
V. E.
An interesting side note: -40 degrees is the only point where both the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales read the same temp. Stuff you never needed to know. lol Edit: I wonder if a "hotter" spark plug would reduce that lead build-up? Don't recall seeing any build-up in my 60s/70s automotive endeavors, like you found after running the avgas. I do/have noticed cleaner spark plugs, as a general rule, w/ unleaded gas vs leaded.
TVChannel One
Leaded is definitely better at lowering IQs and damaging brains!!
Rest in hell Thomas Midgley....
Doesn't matter if it's better for not, lead is a toxic substance that's why it was banned lmao
Not to be used as a solvent or cleaning agent...

Don't ever come around the shop I work at then... vastly more popular and works a heck of a lot better than Isopropanol on a lot of the stuff I work with.
Can you even buy leaded fuel anymore?
High Nourishment
It looks cool tho
T.F.D 1982
So would this fuel work better in cars made in the 50s and prior?
Trudeauphobic Mooseater
I've run a fair amount of 100LL though a variety of 2 & 4 stroke engines for extended periods, and in extreme cold winter conditions. My experience is that the fuel is far superior with respect to overall fuel system/carb cleanliness and general maintenance of these areas; especially considering the current contamination & corrosion we're seeing with ethanol laced fuels. However, 100LL does, as eluded to in the vid, under certain conditions can contribute to excessive lead contamination on the hot side. While not a major issue, fouled plugs are not uncommon, and I had to scrape some valve seats once on a small jenny. It also does't start well in temps below -20C. These days I'm drifting back to using more of it...
that predator sure liked the extra octane. also more proof e10 is trash.
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Which Duct Tape Is Strongest? Is Leaded Fuel better than 3 months ago   18:51

Gorilla, Gorilla Weather, T-Rex, FiberFix, FiberFix Wrap, 3M Pro Strength, and Duck Max compete for the strongest tape. Testing included tensile, adhesion and wrap strength. 100% of the videos on the Project Farm channel are ideas suggested by viewers. So, thanks to all who requested testing these duct tapes and please continue offering video ideas! Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC