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Watch all the amazing auditions (WEEK 4) on America's Got Talent 2019 (AGT). What did you think of the best performances?? Let us know in the comments below...


▶︎ Dominguez Poodles

▶︎ Ansley Burns

▶︎ Melissa Arleth

▶︎ Sos

▶︎ Marcin Patrzalek

▶︎ Andy Rowell

▶︎ Adem

▶︎ Voices of Service

▶︎ Brandon Coprich

▶︎ Berywam

▶︎ Detroit Youth Choir

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Taufik Hidayah
Lucidy Gaming
Children in groups of 40 comes out to perform :
Judges :
Imagine if theres a DJ and his name is Greg

Imagine that the Club was like : *_GREG GREG GREG GREG_* lol
Arafat Khan
After the FLUTE GUY. I absolutely WANT RICARDO ON AGT🗿✌️🏻
LargerOyster !
The tequila guy looked confused he didn’t think he would get a yes
UwU Damb
GBBB 19 represent!
Suel Wai
Shit .push golden for at thàt rat
Suel Wai
He is the man
official aluso
Terry that is so brilliant!
Mayoosha Nno
Vanessa Buenaflor
I love this video❤❤❤❤i hope someday i can audition this big got talent😊
Damah Panzer
23:00 kills me xD
43:56 Why?
Alicia B
black is not only beautiful we are talented
i think at 15:35 is the most emotional state I've felt in a good way in a long tiime.
joni Hudubugun
Cute rat cute saimen cute Show
MaycolRam 396
And in the 30:35
MaycolRam 396
Who knows the the name of the song 30:00
Shania Doyle
Did I really watch this whole thing.......
What is life.
Patience Mwansa
I bring it chik chik just to throw it away lol
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Most SHOCKING Moments from Terry Crews's GOLDEN BUZZER 1 day ago   04:13

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