Split Cast Interview with What REALLY happens on the set of X-Men! 2 days ago   36:03

Anne Mavity
James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy and Betty Buckley interview and Q&A about M. Night Shyamalan movie Split

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All the personalities were created to protect Kevin's. Either to make it so he was abused less, or so he could cope but none were to fight back until the last one. Not only that but the Horde personalities WORSHIPED him. The final personality personifies the idea that he was BETTER for having suffered (The basic religious idea that you can't be "good" and go to heaven unless you suffer - to suffer is divine - Can't be resurrected unless you are crucified first) . And took it one step future because the goal was to rid the world of the Impure because they never went through their "purifying fire".
CatieCat Studios
*sees James*
*sees Anya*
*bisexuality intensifies*
Emily DiCarlo
"This is all I've got, is this, so, how can I become anything else? I'll give you all of it, but it's all I've got." 23:07 STRAIGHT POETRY AND A FINE PIECE OF TRUTH. Not just for acting, but for life, too. I'm really impressed with James' eloquence, intelligence and passion about everything. Phenomenal actor in a phenomenal movie, I'm a huge fan and I hope he gets 10x the recognition he deserves.
Nissan Taha
منور سيد جيمس ماكافوي منورين كلكم كلكم
Ayesha Khan
16:48 I'm never gonna do Indian ...
Please do it !!! Please please please.... I hope he does it at least 1 tym in his lyf ...I'm an Indian n I'd love 2 watch u doing some Indian stuff dear 💕💕💕💕💕
Ayesha Khan
16:08 I'm a huge James mcavoy fan 💕💕💕
Me too mam !!
16:32 I wanted 1 of d characters to b Indian
Damnnnn !!! I am a Indian n i wish I saw him doing some Indian stuff
Jennifer Song
Well.. everytime I watch my favorite character changes. First I fall in love with Hedwig but next time i watched i fall in love with Patricia then next time also change and this phenomenon repeats. But one thing that doesnt change is that I fall in love with James McAvoy!!!
Prerona Borkotoky
What the fuck James has a Scottish accent????!!!!!
The interviewer should've researched deeper about DID.
Sadye Tvinnereim
Hedwig I think was my favorite personality 😂lmao he's amazing
I'm so mad/sad/disappointed that he died in the movie "Glass" if he had stayed the beast and got shot he wouldve probably stayed alive, I hope that the creator of these movies make another one where he comes back alive,
The interviewer is so awkward and boring..they're trying hard to make it fun but he's just not helpful😐😒
Lena Mae
17:26 she called him "babe"
Amelie Nguyen
Watching this only to hear James McAvoys voice
James STOP. Patricia is NOT a different person. Its Kevin believing he's Patricia smh
omg i really like Mrs Betty! LOVED her acting and I like her personality here. Id love to see more of her films. Such talent here. I wish she was in Glass :(
the way he thinks is so attractive
80% of the comments are people fangirl/boying over James...
Meave Louise
I can’t believe Betty was calling Anya the wrong name the whole time. 😂
Saturn S
He plays all the characters so exquisitely could watch all three over and over can’t wait for the next one
James deserves an Oscar
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What REALLY happens on the set of X-Men! Split Cast Interview with 2 days ago   06:21

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