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Watch These Hollywood Stars | Jamie Foxx On Robert Downey - At Up-Tube.com

Watch These Hollywood Stars Jamie Foxx on Robert Downey 2 days ago   05:16

Derek Van Schaik
Find out which Hollywood stars appeared in blackface or black makeup and now seem to be hiding it.

The point of this video is not specifically to demonize these Hollywood stars, but for you to decide for yourself what, if anything, should happen to these stars who appeared in black makeup. A lot of this footage has was very difficult to find, since it seems that Hollywood has gone to great lengths to hide it from you, while they’re also pretending that it never happened, but it did happen and I’m revealing it all to you now.

0:36 Fred Armisen appears as President Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 2009

0:59 Jimmy Kimmel appears as Karl Malone in 2000

1:27 Jimmy Kimmel appears as Oprah Winfrey in 2001

2:03 Joy Behar talks proudly about dressing up as an African woman for Halloween in 1971

2:44 Jimmy Fallon appears as Chris Rock in a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit in 2000

3:34 Sarah Silverman wears blackface and thinks she looks like Queen Latifa in 2007

3:58 Billy Crystal appears as Sammy Davis, Jr. in an Academy Awards (Oscar) skit in 2012 with Justin Bieber

4:31 Again, this is all for you to decide. Do you think these blackface occurrences should be brushed aside and forgotten like these Hollywood stars are seemingly trying to do, do you think an apology would be acceptable, or should their shows and appearances be canceled? Let everyone know what you think in the comments below.

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Comments 864 Comments

Its okay for jimmy kemmel to do it, because he hates the orange man.
I don’t see anything wrong with blackface cause I lovvvvve White Chicks, man. I love the Wayans, In Living Color.... people are getting too sensitive these days. Pretty soon Big Brother is gonna suck the Thought Police on us 🙄
All those celebs black and white were satanic sell outs
The Skreeby Show
White face is cool though. White Chicks was hilarious. 🤔🤔
frogleggs 922
This doesn't bother me i can't be offended
Max Zumpano
I think that there needs to be a clearer line between an impersonation, and disrespect towards a culture. I’m not saying either way, and this certainly does not excuse most of the celebrities in this list, but I am just wondering if, as fellow celebrities, it is okay to poke fun at and impersonate each other. The Sarah Silverman clip is clearly inexcusable, but specifically with Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock, and the knowledge that Fallon is famous for his impressions, is he not allowed to poke fun at his fellow comedian. Again, I am not necessarily saying that it is okay, but I believe there is a clear range in severity. The jimmy kimmel skits were brutal to watch tbh.
calamitous squid
So, I freely admit that #1.) I am a white person and #2.) this comment is well after the fact. As someone who attempts to be culturally mindful and sensitive, if I am error in my interpretation, I am open to hearing such. But I think there is a difference between mockery and depicting a famous person or character who is of another race than one's own. Of course, it is a loaded issue and the sensitive and safe thing to do would be to avoid the topic altogether. And one of the primary questions that actors in blackface bring to mind is why an African American actor or comedian could not have been cast instead (leading to a discussion about lack of equal access and opportunity). But to me, "blackface" bears the mockery of the culture, either by casual disregard and insensitivity or in actively depicting African Americans as inferior, stupid, subservient, less than, etc. So, for example, I am not offended by the Sammy Davis Jr. depiction (based upon the excerpt clip presented here) because it seems to me that he was attempting to simply depict the character/person from a place of admiration and not of mockery.
Anto theja
So the black face controversy is a thing that exclusively exists in the US.
Just like black ppl calling white ppl out for wearing certain braids, calling it cultural appropriation.
It is not, as all sorts of braids are as old as time/humans.
So this would make 'white chicks' the movie inappropriate as well as impersonating ppl outside your ethnicity. In europe ppl arent that sensitive if its not meant to insult but to impersonate. Also, some like Joy Behar dont seem to wear the 'insulting make up', just the hair -do, how is that offensive?
Black ppl in America need to chill
OMG! I had no idea so many white folks were portraying black face. The worst one was the Queen Latifah skit. I wonder if Jimmy Kimmel really think all black folks talk in that ridiculous slang. Now that Pandora’s box has opened THEIR’s GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY.
Lewis Robinson
Right, Beng honest if we think that people dressing up as specific black people should be frowned upon we should also frown upon anyone dressing up as a different race for occasions such as Halloween . For example we wouldn’t have a go at a white woman for dressing up as moana ,nor would we have a go at a Mexican man for dressing up as Aladdin so in my opinion I don’t believe it can be done both ways. Either be angry at all for dressing up as a different race and increase racial separation or accept that people are going to dress up like specific famous people from other races (not always for the right reasons ,I will admit) and carry on with your day to day lives. There’s a difference between acting as a famous person for entertainment than aiming it towards a whole race to be cruel.
Blackface is offensive for obvious historical reasons... (western) White people, just accept that you are on probation until we "repair" ourselves... And enjoy your heritage... Peace ✌🏽
jack black
imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery.
first video ive seen you Virtue signal and actually be political. I think you should stay in your lane and dont pander to this bullshit
I actually knew about these. And I feel the bill should come due.
heavy hitter
If it's accurate then I don't see a problem. If seen Eddie Murphy do white guys so what's the problem.
Victor Nieves
They’re hypocrites because they are the same people who call out Trump and his supporters as racist, but they have no problem wearing black face.
its a costume! ppl need to lighten dafuq up! npi! Why is the Wayans brothers in White face, okay? or Robert Downey Jr. in black face for a movie permitted? u can't have it both ways!
Blackface was created by racists to dehumanize black people. How white people feel about it is irrelevant.
Kealani Leatherman
fred armisen doesnt look darker than he usually is ?
HereIsWisdom 1318
00:43–the most offensive thing about this guy is he doesn’t even try to do Obama’s voice!
Jamie Pearson
Let's be honest, no one really cares about this "issue" and it seems extremely strange that the vast majority of your videos are centre around phycological/body language analysis but you've thrown one in about Blackface. So the only reason i can see that you've made this video is to capitalise on current racial tensions and jump on the racism issue just like Smollett and 90% of the internet who think it's something to use to gain greater public support. If Blackface is such an issue and offending so many people that you feel you need to ask questions like "what should happen to them" why are Youtube alowing you to show it on your channel? You're just keep these silly ideas alive by doing so.
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Jamie Foxx on Robert Downey Watch These Hollywood Stars 2 days ago   06:12

Jamie Foxx talks about backlash from jokes he did on Jimmy Fallon, and why people accepted Robert Downey Jr. doing blackface in Tropic Thunder.

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #990.