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Kerry Earnhardt, eldest son of 7-time NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt, reflects on his personal relationship with his late father and why it's important to be a "Good Dad" in the lives of his own children.

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What cool guy, great dad and husband!
Wish him all the happiness!
"Standing In The Shadows" is the name of the Hank Williams Jr song Richard Childress was referring to @ 9:09 or so....
Mike Burton
i think it is sad but so many people go thru terrible times in life...kerry seems like a great guy and i know he loved his father ....senior......but i would like to know if his step father was a good father and if so don't neglect to speak of him ......he stepped in and i am sure at times it was hard for "jack"....senior didn't seem to care to much for kerry or he would have in some way been there for him through-out those 13 yrs....little jr. got the best of senior's attention and love and it was so obvious ..!!!!!
James Breedlove
Go back to Winston Cup
I hope he has a good paying job cuz he will never be as good as his dad was.
tAmEz ZoDiAc
Sr didn’t have enough money. He gave him up so he could have a better life.
Jim Dillard
All I know racing is not the same without Dale Earnhardt Sr
Carmen Dawn Allan
Your a Inspiration Kerry,And Your a Earnhardt Strength is in you. Your a Great Dad. Your Dad Would,Be Proud of you.
Beautiful Family. ♡
Kerry you deserved better.
William Thomas
Does anyone know what song is playing at 12:05?
Mike Brown
He does look like his dad right down to the grin! At least Dale Jr can go to him for advice on being a parent. Im hoping that Jeffery gets a real shot at becoming a champion. Not that Dale Jr didn't but he went through a lot after Sr. died and I believe that had a big effect on his career.
Murv Fisher
Losing my dad in an untimely fashion like Dale's kids did, makes me hurt inside for them..I know that feeling all to well.
Buckwild 65
Don’t take this wrong, but it takes a lot for a child to forgive and not carry a chip on his shoulder because his dad was selfish by letting someone else step in and raise their kid. By him turning out like he did his adoptive father and his mother raised him right. It’s good he got to spend quality time with Dale Sr. maybe that was in gods plan, to let Dale Sr. have the time to make it right.
Wanda Alvarez
Does Kerry have a good relationship with Dale Jr and Kelley?
Wanda Alvarez
Why would fall give him up for adoption?
I hate how much credit this takes from his step dad Jack and how much it makes Sr. look like an idiot. Dale didn't put Kerry 'up for adoption'. He knew he was going to be with his mother and he knew Jack was a great man and Kerry would be loved. He didn't give him up to just anyone.
Alexander Pifari
Great story... I remember watching the ending of the FOX Sports video with Martha Earnhardt and Steve Byrnes, and she said that if Dale Jr doesnt have any children, the Earnhardt name would not continue in racing... So basically, she is saying that she doesnt see her great grandson Jeffrey as an Earnhardt... Hell, even yesterday in the Monster Energy Open Final Practice, Mike Joy, the FOX Analyst, made a valid point. He said that the fans are still upset that when Jr retires, there's not gonna be an Earnhardt on the track. Hello? Does Jeffrey Earnhardt not exist as an Earnhardt? Yes Jeffrey is in a low funded car with poor finishes, but at least he's doing something that Dale Jr never did, and that's start from the bottom instead of having things handed to him. He's doing the same thing his father Kerry and grandfather Dale Sr did, something that Dale Jr cant relate to. Jeffrey gets asked a lot, "Why won't you drive for Uncle Junior?" and he always says, "I want to experience things on my own, and do things my way." I praise Jeffrey Earnhardt.
Tammy Duke
Amazing video. Kerry, Dale, and Kelly have worked for what they have....Dale Sr made sure they all knew the meaning of hardwork. Kerry is a great Dad...
I say this so much but damn kerry looks like dale sr
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